DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 6 Review: Mr. Parker's Cul-De-Sac

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For an installment that was, all in all, filler, DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 6 was outstanding.

It featured the return of Damien Darhk, who admittedly has never been the strongest character out of all the villains of the Arrowverse.

But DC's Legends of Tomorrow managed to give him some humanity, along with a bit of likability.

Ray and Nora - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 6

There has always been something about Damien that has made him uninteresting. Maybe it was because his motives for being a villain were not very fleshed out and quite typical or because he has been overused as a villain.

But with his return from hell as an Encore, it was easy to see why Nora cared so much.

Honestly, he was so charming and emotional throughout the hour that I forgot for a second that he killed Laurel Lance -- just for one second though.

Damien is still Nora's dad, and of course she still had hope that he could be good.

Due to the Legends stunt on Mr. Parker's Cul-De-Sac, he saw the error in his ways and was sincerely sorry for all that he had put Nora through.

Damien Darhk - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 6

Not only did he apologize to Nora, he confronted Sara about his regrets, as well.

Sara, having lost her sister because Damien murdered her, will understandably never be able to forgive him. But it was the first time that he ever showed compassion towards her.

That kind of emotion from Damien Darhk should feel unnatural, yet it was anything but.

I know you'll never forgive me. To tell you the truth, I won't either.


Damien put so many people through hell, and it was his chance to make amends. Not everything went to plan at first, but in the end, he was able to witness his daughter's happiness, and it was a beautiful thing.

Now, remembering that he has been a horrible monster in the past, we can feel at peace knowing he got to make up with Nora, but will now spend an eternity in hell, where he arguably belongs.

Nora Darhk - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 6

How sweet was it that every single Legend -- including Sara and Constantine -- was willing to drop all their feelings about Damien Darhk to help out Nora?

All of the Legends regard Nora as a part of the family, and they are willing to do whatever it takes to help one of their own.

I'm not the Nora doll you remember. I like who I am, and I'm never going back.


Nora has come a long way from her time as a vessel for Mallus on DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3, and it just goes to show how well the series handles character development.

Nora has become a strong-willed character who is happy about where her life ended up, basically as a Legend. If only they utilized her a bit more, as she is a joy to watch.

Walking Down the Aisle - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 6

Ray and Nora got married, and everything is right in the world.

For now, it is all happy tears, but we know that their marriage means that they will settle down soon and leave the Waverider.

It is the right thing to do, as Ray and Nora have barely seen one another on DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 because of their demanding jobs.

They deserve to live a happy life, free from Encores and other time traveling shenanigans. That does not mean it will hurt any less when Ray and Nora leave.

But that is kind of the beauty of DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Once a character is done with their journey on the Waverider, they move on. And new characters, who are searching for the same thing all the Legends are -- a place to belong -- arrive.

Sara's Angry - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 6

Sara was also considering moving on from the Legends as she was offered a mysterious job in Star City from Wild Dog AKA Rene Ramirez.

By knowing that Rene will be running for mayor in the near future, could Sara have been a part of his campaign team? That really does not seem like her, but maybe she was just considering it to appease Ava.

Let's do this discreetly. Just us, no boys. You know how sentimental they can get.


As it turns out, Ava is having the time of her life as a Legend and is not ready to settle down just yet.

That is quite relieving as we could not bear to lose Ray and Nora as well as Sara and Ava. That is too much change for one season.

To be honest though, I am surprised that Sara's business in Star City did not tie into the season storyline at all. But given this was a filler episode, I'll let it pass.

Charlie - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 6

Constantine managed to convince Charlie to help him find the Loom of Fate with the promise that he will help her destroy it after they use it on Astra.

But those kinds of things never go to plan.

Pippa: Mr. Parker says you can love whoever you want to love and to not be ashamed.
Ray: Well, you don't have to quote Season 8 Episode 15, okay?

With all the talk about Charlie's sisters -- the two other Fates -- we, along with the Legends, are bound to see them at some point in the near future.

For this episode though, not much was developed in the Loom of Fate story.

Hopefully we will see Constantine and Charlie -- an unlikely, but perfect, duo -- make some progress finding the Loom because the whole story surrounding it is very intriguing.

John - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 6

While all the nonsense at Constantine's house was taking place, Mick discovered that he had a daughter, Lita.

Of course, his hookup with Ali on DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 3 would result in an accidental pregnancy.

Nate: Because you know those babies are going to have that beautiful Palmer jawline.
Ray: The Palmer jawline is a dominant gene.
Nate: Damn right.

Mick as a father has great potential to add more depth to his character, even though it is a bit of a typical route to take in making a character more emotional.

But DC's Legends of Tomorrow has always been about taking cliches and making them original and hilarious.

It is too bad that Mick erased Ali and Lita's memories, but it is unlikely that will be the last we see of them. Especially since Lita is a fervent Rebecca Silver hater and is bound to troll Mick some more.

What did you think DC's Legends of Tomorrow Fanatics?

How do you feel about Damien now? Did Nate walking Ray down the aisle make anyone else sob?

And how proud are you of Zari for continuing to make new friends with all of the Legends?

Let me know in the comments and do not forget that you can watch DC's Legends of Tomorrow online right here via TV Fanatic!

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Mr. Parker's Cul-De-Sac Review

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