Deputy Season 1 Episode 12 Review: Agency

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It's not a surprise, but Bill finally announced that he's running for Sheriff, and his entire family stood beside him to do it.

Bill has support from almost every direction.

His two detractors are Riley and Jerry, but they're not going to play nice, and that should ultimately benefit Bill.

Stand Down, Jerry - Deputy Season 1 Episode 12

But something is going on, and it's hard not to imagine that the CI murders that began on Deputy Season 1 Episode 12 are connected in some way to someone trying to keep Bill from getting reelected.

At the very least, someone is doing damage to the Sheriff's Department.

Jerry Confronts Bill - Deputy Season 1 Episode 12

Do you think it could be some kind of turf war against the department because of what Bill did with the LAPD detective?

Carol Riley attempted to extort Bill with dropping upcoming indictments in return for rethinking his run for Sheriff, but she didn't take the folder from Jerry containing whatever it is that Charlie uncovered about Bill's background.

But let's look at it clearly. Whether it's Riley pressing charges against Bill and Joseph or Jerry using dirt, if the public gets wind of it, it won't paint Riley or Jerry in a positive light.

Is there anything worse than mudslingers? It seems that Bill is attempting to fight for his badge with his record while Riley and Jerry worry about how they can maim their opponent. It's trashy.

Dramatic Lighting - Deputy Season 1 Episode 12

In 108 days, LA County has gotten to know Bill and his family.

They've seen Paula go through something very traumatic and come out the other side. They've championed his family and appreciated what they've encountered.

Bill has won the hearts of the jurisdictions he's encountered. He has mayors rooting for him to win the election and promising to back him.

And now we discover that Paula's dad, Jorge, is a leader of the Latino community. Why else would the previous Sheriff consult him to get the community vote?

Leading the County - Deputy Season 1 Episode 12

Riley is giving it the old college try, though, even continuing to pursue Bishop with the hope they'll work together well once she wins.

It's cool that Bishop attended Riley's rally. It is good to get to know what's out there, even if you support a different candidate. Bishop wants to be informed.

And what she learned wasn't terrible. She could respect Riley if they had to work together. It doesn't mean she wants to, though.

I could get on board with Riley coming to her senses, and Bishop suggesting to Bill that Riley could be an asset to his administration in the same way Jerry thought she would be in his.

Bill Makes an Announcement - Deputy Season 1 Episode 12

What did you think of the cracks we're beginning to witness with Cade?

Between fighting for the kids and the CIs getting killed, Cade's cool demeanor cracked wide open. The way he shouted at the kids' grandmother didn't do him any favors, but throwing the race card into his face and calling him a murderer didn't do any for her.

The kids are of the age where any suitable judge should ask their input on their future, and they've made it quite clear where they want to be.

Speaking of children, it was sweet the way Maggie came to understand that she needs her dad, but so does the county. Expressing her willingness to share the man she loves the most was incredibly gown up.

Bishop Learned Something Terrible - Deputy Season 1 Episode 12

And Paula faced her fears in a way that allowed her to move on from the trauma she experienced while also belittling the woman who put her in the situation in the first place.

That's a bonus. Why should that woman believe she had any power over Paula? Well, because Paula allowed it for a while. But no more.

Everything is coming into place, but it feels like we're in for something explosive with Joseph and Carter that could threaten everything.

It's hard to figure out why Joseph cops such an attitude with Charlie. I know he respects her and appreciates her training, but as soon as Carter is nearby, he becomes a Grade-A jerk.

More Complicated - Deputy

It might be easier to understand if we knew more about Joseph before he joined the department because what we know from Bill is that he had a wonderful childhood.

But could someone raised well do so much to undermine all that he's been afforded? His actions don't make sense.

Standing up for Carter when Carter pulled the race card out in his defense for beating up a guy at a bar, Joseph should have done an about-face.

He got a little angry, but not enough that it will affect Carter's behavior. The guy is bad news, and I wonder what Charlie knows about him and his buddies that caused her to warn Joseph in the first place.

Bad Move Joseph - Deputy Season 1 Episode 12

There must be a thread connecting all of the undercurrents or at least a couple of them.

Do you have any idea what to expect from the Deputy Season 1 finale?

Fingers crossed the series gets a second season pickup. In light of the production delays for pilots, we could get lucky!

And don't forget that you can watch Deputy online any time via TV Fanatic to catch up on all of the drama.

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Deputy Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Cade: What's up, kiddo?
Roberto: We don't want to live with Grandma. We want to live with you.
Cade: Hey, listen. Don't you guys worry about that, OK? Leave it up to me and Teresa because we're gonna fight tooth and nail so you guys can keep living with us. You want to know why? Because we're a family, and nothing's going to change that. Nothing.

I'm not exactly a philosophical guy. I take things as they are. Once you start thinking about things as the ought to be, well, that's dangerous territory, especially for a lawman. But then there's the other side, accountability. Now, I've had plenty to say about this department, where it is now, where it's headed, but there's 10 million people in this county. Maybe it's time for them to speak. Let the chips fall where they may.