DEVS Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Episode 4

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Another one bites the dust.

On DEVS Season 1 Episode 4 Lyndon's the next one to leave the DEVS program.

However, it's not her choice. 

Lyndon in DEVS Season 1 Episode 4

Lyndon discovers a way to hear actual soundbites from the past, and Forest is not pleased.

It is a bit confusing since the whole point of DEVS, from what we've seen so far, is getting a clear picture of the past so that Forest can see his daughter again. Why would he be against hearing her, too?

It seems his anger ties into the web DEVS has been weaving all along: the theory of the multiverse. 

Forest: Everything we do is predicated on the idea that we live in a physical universe, not a magical universe.
Katie: Are you doubting that?
Forest: Not the physical universe. But I am scared we might be magicians.

He believes that Lyndon's algorithm is dangerous for the experiment since every time it runs, she could be tapping into a different multiverse.

This show leans heavily into existentialism, but this seemed to be a bit of an overreaction. Even if what they all heard was only one of the million versions of Jesus, it's still pretty awesome. 

The sudden change in Forest's demeanor in the scene proved, once and for all, that Forest is not one of the good guys. 

Angry Forest - DEVS Season 1 Episode 4

We've seen him kill once, and he threatened it again. It's hard not to like Nick Offerman, but his performance as Forest has made me increasingly uneasy.

The decision to fire Lyndon might be the beginning of the end for Forest. He's starting to unravel. Whether it'll be Lily's interference or just his desire to see his daughter again that'll send him over the edge remains to be seen.

One of the bright spots of the recent installments of DEVS has been Lyndon and Stewart's friendship, so hopefully, we'll get to see more of that even though Lyndon's no longer working for Amaya.

Stewart: Go.
Lyndon: Go?
Stewart: You're very young. You're very rich. Go.

Stewart's looking out for her by telling her to take her payout and run. Here's to hoping that Lyndon will listen.

It's interesting that Stewart's openly acknowledging that Forest threatened to kill Lyndon without explicitly saying it. Are his murderous tendencies an open secret on DEVS? If so, why do they keep working there?

Stewart is a nice guy. It's hard to believe he'd want to be working for someone he knows is corrupt. 

Stewart in DEVS Season 1 Episode 4

Ultimately, it probably has to do with the actual machine and codes they're working with. This is a once-in-a-lifetime program. 

Hopefully, it won't bring him to an early demise.

Lily's demise might be coming sooner than we expect. The DEVS machine predicts she'll die within two days. 

But if it's up to Jamie, that won't be happening anytime soon.

Lily and Jamie in Kitchen - DEVS Season 1 Episode 4

Jamie's a sweet guy. His character is nice, if not a bit flat. Unfortunately, with everything going on, we haven't gotten to learn much about him and his backstory. With only four episodes left, I'm not sure we will.

All we know is that he wants to keep Lily safe at all costs. DEVS isn't a very romantic show, but it seems the subplot is leading back to Lily and Jamie reconciling. 

So far, the chemistry between them has been lacking, but with half a season left there's still time to get there. 

You know for two years I've been shadowed by a thousand things about you. Your face in the morning, stupid jokes we had, names we had for each other. But I just remembered what it was really like going out with you.

Unless Kenton kills Jamie, that is. 

Lily's on her way to a psychiatric hospital after her therapist outed her for lying about her schizophrenic past.

Lily tried to do the right thing and get the police involved with the investigation of Sergei's murder, but it seems Amaya's reach extends further than she thought. 

After Lily gets taken away, Kenton walks into Jamie's apartment for a confrontation. 

Whatever's about to go down is not going to be good. 

Kenton Talking to Pete - DEVS Season 1 Episode 4

Right now, Amaya seems to be too powerful. If there's no question Amaya's going to win in the end and will always be a step ahead of Lily, then what's there to root for? 

Optimistically, Jamie will find some way to get through this altercation unscathed and help Lily, but right now, that feels impossible.

The only one who might have a shot against Kenton and Amaya is Pete.

The highlight of this episode was Pete's blatant disrespect of Kenton when he came looking for Lily.

You can tell Kenton's not the type of guy who typically deals with any kind of backlash, so to see someone giving it back to him was fantastic.

Pete and Kenton - DEVS Season 1 Episode 4

Pete provides much needed comic relief and manages to steal the show with a few minutes of screentime. I'm calling it now; he'll be the one who ends up saving the day down the line. He doesn't care about anything, which makes him the most dangerous character on the show.

The other character I'm keeping an eye out for is Katie. She's very hard to pin down. Originally, she appeared to be one of Forest's lackeys who will do what he says without hesitation. But now, she's undermining him and standing up for her workers. 

It's always good to have a character who keeps you on your toes, so I'm excited to see what she'll bring to the table going forward.

Cause precedes effect. Effect leads to cause.


What do you think of Katie?

Will she betray Forest before this is all over?

Did Kenton kill Jamie?

And most importantly, how will Lily die?

Episode 4 Review

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