Good Girls Season 3 Episode 7 Review: Vegas, Baby

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Did Beth think she was going to be able to pull one over on Rio, again?

Good Girls Season 3 Episode 7 was all about trying to get rid of Rio, but as the ladies should know by now, it’s never that simple.

And underestimating Rio continues to bite them in the butt time after time.

Lending An Ear - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 7

Here’s the thing about Rio, he may be a man of few words, but he’s constantly thinking one step ahead. The one time he let his guard down it almost got him killed, so he’s past taking Beth’s word for anything.

When Beth decided on her own to skim some money off the top for the ladies, it came from a good place of wanting compensation for their work.

And had Beth never tried to kill Rio, they would probably have a much better agreement in place. One that doesn’t leave the women working to the bone and getting absolutely nothing in return.

Whether true or not, Rio feels like he’s owed something from Beth, and he’s going to collect it one way or another.

Annie & Ruby Question - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 7

Frankly, Beth is lucky he only took her material possessions and nothing else.

Beth is such an intriguing case study because she was being groomed to be Rio at one point, and in some ways, she has become her own version of him. But she can never fully progress to Rio levels of boss status because she has empathy.

But it’s an empathy that’s also enmeshed in her own self-interests.

Rio is a parent like Beth, and he does have a human side, but he’s also devoid of traditional feelings. He will kill a Lucy or a Turner, and not bash an eyelash, because in the grand scheme of things it’s them or it’s him.

Hands Up - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 7

Beth cares about people, especially those whom she views as innocent, and she's not willing to dispose of people in the same way Rio is.

But Beth can be selfish, and she does look out for herself. Sometimes that's at the expense of others.

For Beth, telling Max about Lucy’s death was a way to give Max some clarity, but it was also a way to absolve her guilt partly. And if Max then wanted to take Rio out himself? Well, that’s just the cherry on top.

Max was spiraling, and he was spiraling hard. If the ladies hadn’t gotten to him when they had, there’s no telling what he would have done because he didn’t know much beyond the fact Beth was involved.

Beth: We told her not to get in the van, but she trusted him.
Max: Sounds like Lucy.
Beth: If it wasn't for her, we would all be...
Annie: It's true, Max.
Ruby: She's a hero.

Was it realistic to think that Max would become a killer overnight? No.

Worried Faces - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 7

No matter how much pain, sadness, and grief you feel, it’s very hard just to pick up a weapon and murder someone in cold blood.

Max wasn’t ready to do that. And even if he had succeeded, he would have then been left to mourn Lucy AND sit with the fact that he’d taken the life of another human being.

Max killing Rio was always plan B, rightfully so, and plan A went so terribly off the rails that the ladies are lucky something much worse didn’t happen.

The women don’t have the greatest track record when it comes to robberies, and they should probably know by now that when something seems too good to be true, it is.

Helping Out - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 7

Getting Ruby shot was obviously not a part of the plan, and even though it was just a graze and she will be fine, you’d think it would have been a lightbulb moment for them. But no, it was pretty much treated like any other day.

And at this point, that’s kind of what it was.

Hey criminals. No need to hide that.

Stan [to the girls]

Even Stan was pretty ho-hum about the scenes unfolding in front of him. Stacks of bills on the kitchen counter? No big thing.

My wife getting shot in the leg the next day? I guess that comes with the territory.

Speaking of Stan, he’s dipping his toe into the illegal business, and if the look on Ruby’s face is any indication, she’s worried.

Stan’s new business venture is pretty basic in comparison to a lot of the cons Ruby and company have attempted to pull off. It’s a pretty simple get in and get out type of operation, but again, when it seems simple it rarely ever is.

Much like Ruby, Stan saw an opportunity to make money, and he put that before any other kind of reasoning.

Now this is Good Girls, so most things won’t go as planned, but for now, he’s found a way to bring home cash in a manner that is legal, but allows him to sleep at night.

Listening To Beth - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 7

It looks like Stan and his girls are the new Robin Hood and his merry women.

Each hour this season has carved out some time to continue Annie’s path towards truly figuring out who she is, and what she’s meant to do in her life.

There were some tremendous strides taken when she sprung into action and helped Ruby in her time of need.

Hopefully, there’s a running joke about Annie of all people being the person to save Ruby’s life because their antagonistic relationship has always been a highlight.

Annie Smiles - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 7

It was unorthodox, and maybe it didn’t make much sense at the moment, but it worked. And it could be a defining moment for Annie, as perhaps she’s found her bigger calling.

Beth may be the brains of the operation, but Annie has always had her own ideas and thoughts that may seem crazy at first, but they do work. She doesn’t get her time to shine often, but when she does she seizes the moment.

Annie, the emergency medical technician, has a nice ring to it.

Odds and Ends

  • Dean and his work shenanigans are just not all that fascinating, but his realization that maybe he and his family should just up and move was a thought he probably should have had after he was almost killed in Good Girls Season 1.
  • The entire montage of Beth teaching Max how to shoot a gun was peak Good Girls. A serious moment that was utterly absurd.
  • Max deserved to get Au Jus back. He will need a friend to help him get through such a gloomy time.
  • I’m often critical of Beth’s decision-making skills, and deciding to have Max shoot Rio in the middle of a crowded bar was quite possibly the weirdest decision she’s ever made.
A Stick Up - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 7
  • Rio is petty, petty. And his men are pretty efficient to clear out Beth’s house that quickly.
  • JT is a bright light in a dark world, and he must be protected at all costs.

Now that Beth has been caught, I’ll be curious to see how Beth gets back on his good side. If that’s even possible at this point. There’s been a lot of damage done, and this partnership may stay fractured whatever.

Beth & Stan - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 7

What is Beth’s next move?

What do you think about Stan’s new side hustle?

Are surprised Rio only robbed Beth and didn’t do something worse?

Drop your comments down below and watch Good Girls online via TV Fanatic anytime your heart desires!

Vegas, Baby Review

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Good Girls Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Just cuz he's back, doesn't mean that you and I can't stay weird.

Beth [to Dean]

Hey criminals. No need to hide that.

Stan [to the girls]