Manifest Season 2 Episode 11 Review: Unaccompanied Minors

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The pieces of the puzzle are beginning to fall into place on Manifest Season 2 Episode 11, but we still only have about 300 pieces to a 1000 piece puzzle. 

Something is better than nothing, right?

It's incredible how Manifest has managed to uphold a mystery for two seasons while adding several questions to the docket each week. Props to them for keeping us all (even the characters) in a confused-state. 

Saving Zeke - Manifest

The latest mystery continues to question whether the Callings are good or bad. 

Oh, and there's also been a four-month time-jump. Not only is baby Eden four months old and thriving (that's our girl!), but it means Ben has been digging into Adrian's theory for four months and has come up short. 

It's unclear if anyone had any Callings during this time aside from Cal, but it seems like things went back to normal and then started back up one day again. It's an odd and frustrating way to live. 

Ben seems to think that Adrian may have been onto something by thinking they are false prophets, but Mic insists that the Callings have only ever brought good things into their lives. 

Another Joint Calling - Manifest Season 2 Episode 11

That is until she gets a Calling while trying to thwart a kid from robbing a bodega that tells her to "let him go."

She's thrown off by the request considering it's in her nature to bring everyone to justice but figures the Callings might have a greater purpose and wants her to catch the "bigger fish," so she reluctantly obliges. 

Jared: Mic, why does it always feel like you gotta justify the Calling?
Mic: Because I gotta believe they’re good, Jared.

However, you can't expect a good and curious cop to just look the other way, and when she begins to investigate alongside Jared, they unearth a much deeper mystery run by a dude named Chase, who was released from prison four months ago. 

Ben's Second Chance - Manifest Season 2 Episode 11

Long story short, Mic and Jared track down Chase and his men, who are making drugs in some sketchy basement. As she's about to make the arrest, she hears the Calling once again urge her to "let him go."

This time, Mic isn't convinced that the Callings have her best interest in mind, so she goes against them and arrests Chases and his men anyway. 

You must really be desperate for answers. A science guy looking for answers in the bible.


Now, let's remember that the Al-Zuras journal said that the only way to stop the death date is to do as the Callings ask, so it's unclear how this will affect Mic, but at least we know the passengers still have free will

During the arrest, Chase says a series of questionable things including: "you know there will be hell to pay, pretty lady," "holy vengeance" and "this is bigger than the both of us," which means he knows something about the Callings or the core mystery. 

Getting Scanned - Manifest Season 2 Episode 11

And if you had any doubt that they are involved, Chase and his two buddies are revealed as the three looming shadows haunting Cal and Adrian. 

Admittedly, that revelation took me by surprise. I thought the figures would be more "biblical" and less "actual people we've never met before."

You must really be desperate for answers. A science guy looking for answers in the bible.


How do Chase and his men play into this? One of my theories is that they are somehow Alzuras' people reincarnated.

Another theory is that much like the passengers of Flight 828 and Zeke, the trio came back from the dead and have been experiencing Callings that want them to make drugs, though, I can't think of a reason why, but it would prove that the Callings may have a nefarious agenda.

Working Together Again - Manifest Season 2 Episode 11

A third theory is that the men are going to connect us back to the Major. 

We were led to believe Chase and his men were making meth because that's what cold medicine is commonly used for, but that doesn't have to be the case. 

Maybe the Major has been using Saanvi's research to create the DNA anomaly in a drug form that can control the masses and is using these men to "infect" the public.

At this point, anything is possible and we won't know for certain until we get more clues that allow us to see the larger picture. 

Looking for Answers - Manifest Season 2 Episode 11

However, Ben and TJ's Callings proved to do good as they reunited a broken family and offered up some closure. 

Alone, Ben's subway vision and TJ's phoenix mosaic didn't mean much, but together, they were able to locate the subway station and thwart a man's suicide attempt. 

I wasn't expecting the man to be Zeke's father, but that was an exciting and welcome twist. 

It could have given us more insight into Zeke, but unfortunately, it didn't really pan out the way I was hoping.

Assisting His Ex - Manifest Season 2 Episode 11

Zeke resented his father for blaming him for his sister's death and abandoning the family, but after reconnecting and spending a few hours with him, he was suddenly at peace and "ready to die."

The closure he needed all this time may have been his father's forgiveness and the realization that his father was hurting as much as the rest of the family, but it seemed forced that all of a sudden, he was done fighting for survival. 

Jared: I can handle not being with you anymore. I can’t handle not having you as a friend.
Mic: Me too.

It's one thing to appreciate a second chance, it's another to make a rash decision. 

It was also a harsh way to break it to Mic, who has been by his side and is terrified of losing him.  

Zeke's Looking for a Closure - Manifest Season 2 Episode 11

Plus, he echoed the words of Mic's Calling -- "let me go."

Could the Calling be about Zeke this whole time and simply manifest itself at all the wrong moments? 

The fact that these Callings are purposefully vague makes cracking this mystery 10 times more complicated than it needs to be. 

Zeke also decided to live every day like it's his last and make the most of this second chance by proposing to Mic, who immediately said "yes."

What to Believe? - Manifest Season 2 Episode 11

The fact that she didn't even need to think about her answer shows how far she's come since Jared proposed to her. She's more mature and thus, more sure of her answer. 

But it's also a huge blow to Jared because it seems like she was never sure of her love for him.

Jared may have had his moments this season, but in the end, he proved that his only goal in life was to protect and make Mic happy. 

He's always loved her and always wanted her to be as certain about him as she is about Zeke.  

Stop the Bad Guy - Manifest Season 2 Episode 11

I'm not sure where the series is hoping to take Mic and Zeke's romance, or why they're still giving #TeamJared fans hope.

Maybe they want to appease both fandoms since Zeke's running out of time and Mic will eventually have to move on. 

But I hate thinking of Jared as second-best.

Jared was trying to patch things up with Mic in a non-romantic way, but in the process learned about her death date. 

Working a Case  - Manifest Season 2 Episode 11

He assured Mic he was happy for her when it came to Zeke, but now that he knows he might lose her again, how is that going to change his approach to their friendship?

Saanvi was doing her best to help Zeke, but that all ended when her hospital access was revoked. 

It was only a matter of time before this happened and maybe it's for the best as Saanvi didn't seem to learn her lesson the first time since she was still testing on herself, albeit, more cautiously, whatever that means. 

Who do you think reported her? Was it Zeke to save her from herself?

Saanvi Has a Problem - Manifest Season 2 Episode 11

Was it her ex? Or is this an order from the Major?

And has Saanvi been fine for these past four months? Last we saw her, she was in overdrive, but if she's still testing, does that mean the Callings came back?

If you watch Manifest online, you're probably also wondering: where the hell is Vance? Honestly, same. Why isn't he helping any of them solve the mystery anymore?

So, that's where we're at now. To echo Mic's thoughts, we're "more confused than ever."

Zeke and Saanvi Look for Answers - Manifest Season 2 Episode 11

As Ben decided to stop looking for answers, trust the Callings, and make the best of his second chance, Mic is more determined than ever to figure out what's happening. 

What did you think?

Are you happy Mic and Zeke are engaged? How do Chase and his men fit into the mystery?

Will baby Eden play a bigger role? Where is the Major?

As always, any theory is a welcome theory. Share them in the comment sections below! 

Unaccompanied Minors Review

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Manifest Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

You must really be desperate for answers. A science guy looking for answers in the bible.


You must really be desperate for answers. A science guy looking for answers in the bible.