Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 15 Review: The Terror of Horseshoe Bay

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The best way to describe the television adaptation of Nancy Drew is by saying it's unpredictable.

And no, that's not simply about the plot of the show. Each episode of the series has been a hit, a miss, or anything in between. 

With that being said, Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 15 was arguably the best installment of the CW mystery. 

Drewvin - Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 15

Karen's involvement in Tiffany's murder wasn't something we saw coming, even though we should have. It was shocking, but at the end of the day, it made perfect sense. 

Ever since Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 1, the series made it very clear that Karen used to be best friends with Lucy Sable.

It was brought up on multiple occasions, yet Karen never seemed to appear very interested when Nancy approached her with leads related to Lucy's death. 

There were a few possibilities of why that could be, but the reason for her closed-mindedness has become glaringly obvious.

Just like Joshua, Karen is already convinced that Ryan is Tiffany's killer. 

I wanted to get justice for Lucy. She was my best friend.


We're sensing a pattern here. 

The more people who believe that Ryan killed Lucy, the less I believe it's a possibility. 

George and Bess - Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 15

Karen's character was becoming a nuisance more than anything else.

She didn't add much to the story, and her connection to the Drews feels artificial.

Putting her behind bars may very well be in the best interest of the show, as Nancy Drew could utilize the screentime in much better ways. 

Nancy may have been the one who connected the dots between Karen and the poison, but it wouldn't have been proven without Ace. 

Ace and Nancy's friendship is starting to become one of the best parts of the series.

The show has never put a lot of emphasis on it, as it seems to be something that developed organically.

A Supernatural Source - Nancy Drew

The moment Karen tried to place Nancy under arrest, Ace jumped into action. He downed the vial of possible poison so fast that he didn't even have time to think about it.

While Ace would have taken any risk necessary to help his friend, he had so much faith in Nancy's intelligence that he didn't second guess her for a minute. 

I know Nancy. I knew she was right.


It takes a lot of belief in someone to put your life on the line, and Ace continues to prove that he's not just a crucial asset to the Drew Crew.

He's a loyal friend who goes above and beyond. 

Ace - Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 15

After missing from the series for weeks, Owen finally returned to check up on Nancy. 

Owen continues to be an incredible addition to the show, which is why it's a shame that the writers aren't utilizing his character as well as they should be.

Owen always seems to be dropped into random episodes to push the plot forward. Due to his huge heart, viewers quickly become attached to him, but he'll disappear for so long that he's forgotten about by both the characters and the audience. 

Where is he going? 

Gathering Info - Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 15

The frequency in which Owen appears simply isn't working with the connection he has to Nancy. He needs to be either all in or all out, for the story to have any sense of continuity. 

It's a shame given that Nancy and Owen's relationship is an unexpected treasure buried within the series.

I wasn't expecting to like them as much as I do, and it's become clear, from this episode especially, that the two have built a deep and meaningful connection. There's something about them that works. 

Nancy is a character who goes looking for trouble and Owen has always been amused by it.

When he's not busy worrying about her, that is.

I've been leaving messages. Is she okay? Who let her go confront a murderer by herself?


Nancy's bold, yet mysterious, personality captivated Owen from the moment they met, and it would be a shame if Nancy Drew writes their relationship off as a fling, rather than giving it a real chance to prosper. 

Owen and Nancy - Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 15

However, it's very possibly that Owen is now on his death bed.

Breaking the wreath and getting Owen out of the water left the toll unpaid.

We didn't finish paying the toll.


Will the spirit come back for him? Or is Nancy now paying for his life with her own?

Judging from the seaweed Nancy was pulling out of her throat, things aren't looking too good for her. 

I can't be the only one who thinks Lucy's bones aren't worth the trouble they're causing. 

Light Reading - Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 15

George and Nick are another relationship that deserve to flourish throughout the show's run. 

Aside from Ace and Bess, the two have my favorite dynamic on the series. They've both managed to bring out parts of each other that they always felt they had to hide or sacrifice around others. 

George has always hated being vulnerable. She puts up a hard front and does her best to act like she's unaffected by everything.

She hides her true feelings with sarcastic comments and an annoyed appearance, but with Nick she's someone else completely. And the same can be said for him. 

George: Well, it's not as great as a booth at the claw, but I do have a couch with your name on it. If you're interested.
Nick: Actually, that sounds great. Thank you.

Nick loved Nancy, but he could never be fully himself in their relationship. The kind of openness he was looking for simply isn't something that Nancy is willing to give.

Realizations  - Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 15

No matter what they felt for each other at one point, Nick and Nancy have different relationship values that prevent them from being functional. 

It's beautiful and ironic that George has always struggled the thing that Nick wants most in a relationship, yet it's never an issue when she's around him. 

They both give each other what they need most. 

Shows usually have a habit of pushing their original couple, and there's no doubt they'll come back around to Nancy and Nick at some point.

But the series would benefit from paying attention to how the road has been changing, rather than forcing themselves towards a destination that's no longer in anyone's best interests.

It's your turn, Nancy Drew fans!

What did you think of "The Terror of Horsheshoe Bay"? 

Hit the comments section down below and let us know your thoughts and predictions! 

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The Terror of Horseshoe Bay Review

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Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

I wanted to get justice for Lucy. She was my best friend.


I've been leaving messages. Is she okay? Who let her go confront a murderer by herself?