The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 8 Review: Stardust

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Does fate dictate our life, or do we make our own fate with each of our choices?

On The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 8, when Scarlet brought in a new astrologer, everyone found themselves trying to decide when to let the universe take over, and when to take matters into their own hands.

Join us as we discuss how perfect timing, bold moves, and swallowed pride lead our favorite characters exactly where they needed to be.

Decision Making - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 8

This episode had me a mess on multiple fronts, but let’s at least talk about the good that came out of it first before I dive into my turmoil.

Alex felt like the Grinch on Christmas trying to rain down on Cindy Lu Hu’s day as he tried to prove everyone wrong about fate.

It is one thing not to hold the same beliefs as someone. It is a completely different matter to try to disprove those beliefs and stomp all over your friend's feelings in the process.

Was it hurting Alex for other people to feel like there was a grand design that had led to different events in their lives? Absolutely not.

Fans have always wanted more of Alex. But when he brought up Ryan’s cheating to Jane as a way to prove how much our lives are affected by choice, I wanted to see a whole lot less of Alex.

A Platonic Dinner? - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 8

However, after Alex did a little soul searching and got to the root of his issues, it all made complete sense.

Walking away from Alicia was a huge mistake on Alex’s part. It isn’t every day that someone as great as Alicia walks into your life, and to throw that away over his ego was a terrible decision.

If fate is real, Alex would have to admit that his choices interfered with his destiny. It is easier to pretend like there isn’t some cosmic reason they found each other.

Alex succumbing to the idea that he was fated to meet Alicia and admitting it to the world through his Ask Alex podcast was a great display of growth.

Alicia happening to hear his podcast in a taxi was the cherry on top. Alex might not be completely on board with the idea, but he can’t deny there is kismet about the whole thing.

Public Display of Affection - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 8

Scarlet’s new astrologer proved what we have all known all along -- Jacqueline Carlyle is born to be a force of nature, even when she forgets it herself.

I’m a sucker for astrology, but even I couldn’t help but point the finger at how wrong the astrologer was about Jacqueline during her reading.

It was hilarious to hear that the astrologer lied to her, knowing that Jacqueline would want to prove the cards wrong. As a Leo, I can attest to the fact that I probably would have done the same thing in Jacqueline’s situation.

Jacqueline has been on the path to regaining her power and control since Ian left, and she found it in spades.

It is clear that Ian and Jacqueline are taking a break from each other, but I didn’t realize that they had already talked about getting separated. So color me shocked when she started trying to talk dirty to Miles at the table.

The Brother Arrives - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 8

Can you imagine what Miles and Jacqueline were like in their prime if this is how they are after going years without seeing or speaking to each other? That college campus must have been on fire.

Jacqueline deserves happiness and to be as light and free as she was walking towards Miles in the park, having phone sex with him.

Please, oh please, let us see more of that Jacqueline.

After The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 7, Adena was public enemy number one. It feels like an odd choice to attempt her redemption so quickly. As a viewer, it feels too soon.

It has never been a question of whether or not Adena is an amazing person. Of course, she is. That is why Kat and the viewers fell in love with her on The Bold Type Season 1.

A United Front - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 8

The problem is, she is not good for Kat. At least, not right now.

We saw that when she blamed Kat for her lack of creativity when they got serious and again when she came back and tried to ruin things between Kat and Tia. The events of “The Space Between” were just the icing on the cake.

No one should ever shame someone for their sexuality, especially when they have had to struggle with acceptance themselves. Not only did she shame Kat, but she then cut them off from having any type of relationship.

This was just one episode ago. Now all of a sudden, Adena thinks she can go to Kat for help as if nothing happened?

Yes, Adena’s cause was great and deserved the recognition, but there are plenty of other people at Scarlet. If Adena was worried about going to someone she doesn’t know, she could have reached out to Jane or Sutton.

Meeting the Family. - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 8

Tugging at Kat’s heartstrings with a story that hits close to home for both of them feels like a manipulative act, whether the writers intended it to come off that way or not. Of course, Adena knew that Kat would be willing to help once she understood the issue.

It is great, and all, that Adena apologized to Kat for how she reacted and reassured her that she accepts her and loves her for who she is, but it is too little too late.

Kat might forgive her, but hopefully, it remains on a friendship level until Adena can prove that she is worthy of retaking the next step with Kat.

The only upside is that it will help expose larger issues at Safford and in the country as a whole. For a company that has a magazine as progressive as Scarlet, it never fails to surprise me how conservative the company is as a whole.

They need to take down RJ once and for all so that Safford can step into the light of morality.

The Brother - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 8

Why did Ryan have to step foot back into that bar? If Ryan never had to pee, then he would never have caught Evan, Evan never would have felt compelled to tell Jane, and Jane would never have become aware of Ryan’s ease with lying.

I hate to say it, but I would rather be oblivious than to suffer another heartbreak at the hands of JaneStripe.

The second that Evan brought up lying to protect someone, there was no doubt that Ryan withheld part of the truth from Jane about his cheating. Sure, Ryan hasn’t admitted anything yet, but mark my words, it is coming.

If Ryan did, as I and many viewers suspect, more than just kiss that woman while on tour, he probably figured he had to relieve his guilt by admitting he cheated but at least leave the possibility of forgiveness on the table.

Kissing is possibly forgivable. Sex? Not as much.

Take It To The Boss - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 8

If Ryan did sleep with the woman, it doesn’t seem like JaneStripe could recover from that. At that point, not only did Ryan sleep with someone else, but he lied about it for months.

Jane already gave him one second chance. She won’t make that same mistake again.

There are plenty of fans out there who do not ship JaneStripe. I am not one of those people.

I have loved this pairing since they first met, and the way they have grown as a couple despite their obstacles has made me love them even more. I’m not ready for them to end.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m just being paranoid and cynical. Maybe, though, I’m being overly optimistic in saying maybe.

The Incredible Jacqueline Carlyle - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 8

The looming end to JaneStripe is not the only devastating blow on the horizon.

Sutton Brady is thinking about abandoning The Bold Babes, and I cannot handle it.

“The Space Between” review discussed the idea of Oliver firing Sutton and Sutton moving to San Francisco to be with Richard. It never even crossed my mind that Sutton would quit Scarlet.

Fate has played a part many times in Sutton’s life, but not in the success she has had at Scarlet. Sutton’s success has come from her hard work and dedication to her job and the magazine as a whole.

To give up all the work that she has put in to get where she is today seems like such a waste.

A Cordial Meeting? - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 8

Sure, she and Oliver fought, but they will get past it. She also won’t be an assistant forever. She needs to remember that she hasn’t been working in the fashion department that long. It takes time to work up the ranks.

Expecting to be promoted to a stylist almost immediately after saying she wants the job is unrealistic.

It doesn’t seem like Sutton is thinking the decision through completely.

If she was doing it solely because she wanted to be closer to Richard, then that is fine, but Sutton is running away from her life.

All Work No Play - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 8

She needs to stay and fight for what she wants. Richard has already had success in his career.

It would be great if he and his amazing facial hair could take one for the team and move back to New York to force Sutton to face her demons head-on.

So many things seem to be changing; so many things seem like they are coming to an end, and I do not feel ready.

Take it away The Bold Type Fanatics!

Do you think a major JaneStripe revelation is coming?

Do you think Sutton is going to leave New York?

Are Kadena heading towards a reunion?

Do you love Miles and Jacqueline as much as I do?

Get in on the discussion below and remember you can watch The Bold Type online!

Stardust Review

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The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Jane: Well, I believe in birth order. Ryan and I are having lunch with my brother Evan today. I have to be on time because, as the oldest, he is the most type-A Sloan.
Sutton: More type A than you? Not possible.
Kat: Ok, what comes before the letter A?

Sutton: Ok, what does mine say?
Jane: Probably that Richard is coming home tomorrow, and you’re kicking us out at 7:00 am for a long-awaited bang fest.