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What went wrong?

On The Resident Season 3 Episode 17, a renowned pediatric surgeon arrived at the hospital to carry out extremely difficult surgery. 

Nic's Concern - Tall - The Resident Season 3 Episode 17

However, the Raptor and Devon refused to let her work the case, setting off a wild chain of events. 

Meanwhile, a Dolly Parton drag queen was aditted to the ER after collapsing on stage. 

What happened?

Elsewhere, Nic and Conrad suspected their patient to be the victim of sex trafficking. 

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The Resident Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

Nadine: Devon, my father wants me to leave Atlanta and return home tomorrow. He's not just my father, he's my king. There is no decision that needs to be made.
Devon: Is this what you want?
Nadine: I can't put my own wishes before my obligation to my people.

This is way beyond even my exceptional abilities. This surgery has maybe a five percent success rate.