Brockmire Sneak Peek: Meaner and More Specific? That Can't Be Good!

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It's the biggest day of Jim Brockmire's life on Brockmire Season 4 Episode 6.

Well, that's an iffy statement, now that I think of it.

But, two of the most important things in Jim's life converge on the worst possible day, and it affects a moment Jim has been waiting for his entire life.

Brockmire S04E06 1

Beth has discovered that everything she thought she knew about her father's relationship with his mother is a lie.

That's challenging enough for a man like Jim, but his entire world spirals as that tragic reveal coincides with his dream -- getting inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Jim spends the entire day worrying over the day because his daughter, the most important person in his life, is nowhere to be found for one of his life's most significant moments.

Due to give a big speech memorializing his induction, Beth writes a speech that cuts Jim to the core.

But is there anything better than a Jim Brockmire who feels decimated by those around him? Nope. Not much.

Brockmire S04E06 3

Making matters worse is the perennial thorn in Jim's side, Joe Buck, is on hand to rub salt into his relationship wounds.

All of it comes together in one of the most emotional and hilarious episodes of the entire series.

And during this incredible run of final episodes leading up to the very end, that says a lot.

We have an exclusive clip of Jim's relief when his affronted daughter appears at the event, true to her word.

And the clip also encompasses how quickly Jim's pleasure gets deflated when he sees the content of Beth's speech which only gets "meaner and more specific" as it goes on.

For those of you who are late to this party (and really, it's spring, there is no baseball, and you're STILL not watching? How dare you?), here's the scoop.

Brockmire follows Jim Brockmire (Hank Azaria), a famed major league baseball announcer who suffered a notorious public breakdown after stumbling upon his wife’s (Katie Finneran) infidelity – a breakdown so bad that “Brutal Brockmire” became a viral internet meme.

In Season 4, it’s 15 years into the dystopian future and Brockmire is now the Commissioner of baseball as the once legendary baseball announcer is now back on top and his struggles with sobriety are behind him.

Brockmire S04E06 4

However, at this later stage of his life he is tasked with saving America's pastime as the world around him descends into chaos, all while trying to salvage his relationship with his newfound daughter (Reina Hardesty) and rekindle the love he once had for Jules (Amanda Peet).​

Easily one of the best comedies (if not series) on television for the past four years, Brockmire originally appeared as a viral short video on the award-winning comedy website Funny Or Die.

The series is written and developed by Joel Church-Cooper. This season Azaria, Church-Cooper and Funny Or Die’s Mike Farah and Joe Farrell are executive producers. Mo Marable is also an executive producer and series director.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Brockmire airs tonight at 10/9c only on IFC!

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