Brockmire Sneak Peek: There Is Nothing Casual About Jim and Jules Together Again

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It's hard to say whether I've always been a fan of Jules and Jim.

Jules is a hard piece of candy who takes no flack from anyone.

Earlier this season, we caught up with her again when she was taking thrilling daredevil events from an heir to the Evel Knievil empire to stadiums with the hope that she could rustle up some excitement amongst baseball fans.

Jim and Jules Together Again - Brockmire

Saying that it failed spectacularly is an understatement, but you can't fault a gal for trying.

Well, you probably can, but it's Jules. She's never going to give up.

And her chutzpa got her back in line with the Commissioner of Major League Baseball, none other than Jim Brockmire.

Oh No He Didn't - Brockmire

Was there ever a better match than her crazy antics and Jim's rise up the baseball ladder?

That's not to say it was an easy sell getting Jules on board.

After all, it wasn't only baseball that turned its back on Jules -- it was Jim, too.

But, oh, happy day, Jules is right where she needs to be to help Jim turn it around, and unless I miss my guess, they're going to collaborate on a lot more than baseball by the end of the series.

Pensive Jim - Brockmire

Can you believe Brockmire is yet another beautiful comedy coming to an end? That's an aside, but a moment of angst is surely deserved when it comes to saying goodbye to Jim Brockmire.

We got an exclusive clip of Brockmire Season 4 Episode 4 from IFC, and all indications are that Jim is going to have a hard time resisting Jules even if she still clings to booze in a way he never can again.

The official synopsis for "Comeback Player of the Year" suggests that Jim and Jules agree to keep their relationship professional.

Listening to Reason - Brockmire

But when they team up to trick the owners into selling the teams to new owners who will let them make the changes they want, their antics remind them of the relationship they used to have.

And what could possibly remind Jim more of the past than Jules swilling wine in the office and ordering... well, I'll let you watch the clip to discover what else Jules has on the agenda.

What is abundantly clear from the clip, though, is that even though Jules is an absolute train wreck of a human, she still plucks Jim's strings like he's a finely tuned guitar.

And you know, as a wine lover myself, it's hard to deny that Jules is a train wreck, but an unbelievably attractive one (inside and out).

Jules at the Podium - Brockmire

What are your hopes for the reunited duo? Do you hope there is more than work at hand? Could you go for a glass of wine right now, too?

Oh, Jim. You know one bottle is never enough for our Jules!

Check out the clip right now, and tune in tonight to see how it plays out.

Brockmire airs on IFC at 10/9c and will make you laugh until you cry. Who doesn't need that in 2020??

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