Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 19 Review: Just A River In Egypt

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Can someone tell Choi that he's not always right?

On Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 19, he might have risked a patient's life to try to prove that his patient was suicidal -- something which was never proven one way or the other.

Now that he's broken up with April again, at least he won't be making decisions based on his hatred of Marcel, but sheesh.

Evaluating a Teen - Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 19

To be clear, it was understandable that Choi had questions about Zach's alleged accident.

The kid avoided talking about what really happened and his father was so hostile to the idea of his son having a psychiatric problem that he made up a story about a psychotic homeless guy pushing Zach.

Depressed? I hate that word. It's just an excuse for being weak.


And there was all sorts of pressure not to declare Zach suicidal, thanks to the cops wanting to arrest him for jumping.

But Choi went about it in his usual self-righteous way, and he put another patient's life in danger to do it.

In the Middle - Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 19

Marcel's explanation for why he couldn't wake his patient up yet seemed sound, at least to my non-expert ears. 

She'd just had major surgery; her abdomen wasn't closed yet, and she was at risk of major complications if she was awakened too soon. Those are valid reasons not to wake someone prematurely from a medically induced coma.

In any case, it was Marcel's patient and his call to make, and Choi had no right to tell a nurse he'd "take care" of the patient and then do the opposite of what was written on her chart.

And when Ethan did wake her, she couldn't speak, didn't seem to fully understand what he was asking her, and didn't provide any new information.

So was it worth it? The only fallout so far seems to have been Marcel telling Choi to punch him and Choi doing it, so I guess she survived, but still.

Working WIth Choi - Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 19

Ethan also interfered with the surgery itself, though not intentionally, by being too jealous to let April keep practicing a new surgical technique  with Marcel that she needed in the OR.

It's probably for the best that he left April. His feelings were getting in the way of acting in his patients' best interests. Plus, this is the second time he's punched Marcel since learning about the kiss, and Sharon already told him once he had to cut that out.

And weirdly enough, Ethan seemed to want to resume his friendship with Marcel after punching him. It was like he got rid of all his anger and now he's ready to make up.

Um... no. Ethan's awful behavior has gone way beyond losing his temper. I know April's devastated, but at this point, she deserves better than a guy who can't control his temper and allows his jealousy to regularly interfere with his judgment 

Fighting With Marcel - Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 19

But go April for confronting him about his jealousy.

April: Ethan! Crockett was just showing me some new equipment.
Ethan: Sure he was.
April: Ethan. What is this? You sleep on the couch, act like you don't want anything to do with me. So why do you care?

Ethan couldn't have it both ways, and April pointing that out probably contributed to his decision to leave.

The question is, how long will it last this time?

Ethan and April have been on and off, and last time they broke up, April couldn't work with him. I don't want to see that again.

And since the preview for Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 20 involves Ethan walking into a hostage situation (yes, another one!), let's hope that Chicago Med isn't going for the trope of danger making two people realize how in love they are.

Happy Hospital Head - Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 19

Will's case was more interesting, though Currie was almost as annoying as Ethan.

I wasn't clear on why Marci's baby would die if she delivered right now. She said she was due in a few weeks, so why wouldn't she deliver a live, premature baby that could be put in the NICU to develop further?

Leaving that aside, though, this was a fairly compelling story.

Currie: You have placenta previa.
Woman: Is that bad?
Will: If we don't stop it.
Woman: You have to stop it! I have brain cancer. Which means, this is my last chance to have a family.

Marci's desire to have the baby no matter what made sense given her circumstances. 

Butting Heads With Choi - Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 19

After all, she didn't have time to try again for a baby, not when she was dying sooner rather than later, and she wanted her husband to have a piece of her after she was gone.

Currie: Dr. Halstead, this is crazy. Odds are that woman is gonna die.
Will: That's a risk she's willing to take.
Currie: Are you doing this because of your feelings for Dr. Asher?

And again, it was her decision whether or not to take the risk and have surgery to try to save the baby.

Asher's drug problem was irrelevant. She told her patient what the risks were and she didn't say anything medically inaccurate that Will or someone else had to call her on.

Currie claimed that she was concerned because of Asher's drug problem and/or Will's relationship with Asher. But the truth is, Currie is always like this.

Siding With Asher - Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 19

Charles has called Currie on being insensitive to patients' feelings and acting as if she knows more than full-fledged doctors before.

And here she was doing it again, upsetting the patient by boldly proclaiming that she should terminate the pregnancy when that wasn't what either the patient or the patient's doctor wanted.

Now she's skulking around and staring at Will and Asher every chance she gets, and will likely make trouble for them.

Let's not forget she used to have a crush on Will, too -- could she also be acting more out of jealousy than sincere concern?

Either way, it's annoying and hopefully, something will happen to make her learn her lesson for once and for all.

Finally, was anyone surprised that Maggie and Ben want to foster Augie?

The writing was on the wall with this when Augie was introduced. But this story did a good job of demonstrating how bureaucratic systems interfere with patient care.

The social worker wasn't a doctor, and she shouldn't have been the one to decide what Augie needed or didn't need.

And the other couple that wanted to foster Augie should have been aware he was a seriously ill child before his health scare since he was in the hospital and on oxygen when they met him.

But I'm glad this ended the way it did. We all needed some happy news.

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Just A River In Egypt Review

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Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 19 Quotes

Natalie: Good morning, Crockett. How is your day?
Marcel: Great.
Natalie: You say that every morning.
Marcel: Every morning is great.

April: Ethan! Crockett was just showing me some new equipment.
Ethan: Sure he was.
April: Ethan. What is this? You sleep on the couch, act like you don't want anything to do with me. So why do you care?