DEVS Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Romance in Sci-Fi?

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Was that almost a feel-good episode of DEVS?

In a show that's been mostly non-stop plot twists and tech jargon, DEVS Season 1 Episode 6 had the closest thing to a happy ending we've gotten thus far. 

It was a nice change of pace, since DEVS has been turning into a convoluted explanation of the multiverse theory in the past few episodes.

Forest and Jamie - DEVS Season 1 Episode 6

But this time we got moments with these characters that provided backstory and context for the events to come. With only two episodes left of the series, it was about time!

After breaking Lily out of the psychiatric hospital Forest and Kenton put her in, Jamie drives Lily to Forest's house for a confrontation. It's not his idea, but Lily aptly pointed out that neither of them has the funds to run away, and that no media source will take them seriously. There's no easy way out.

You got me out. Chivalry.


In typical Lily fashion, she offers to go alone, but in typical Jamie fashion, he tags along. 

Jamie's an interesting character. Whenever he's on-screen, there's always a sense that there's untapped potential there.

This is pretty common in characters in miniseries, since they don't have a lot of screentime to showcase their full range.

Jamie talking to Forest - DEVS Season 1 Episode 6

Jin Ha's performance as Jamie is a prime example of this. He has a way about him that makes you want to care about the character, but unfortunately, Jamie doesn't have any semblance of a personality outside of his feelings towards Lily.

If DEVS wasn't a miniseries, I'm sure that Jamie would eventually have a storyline separate from Lily, but that's sadly not the case. 

Forest: It's not that I want these things to happen or intend them to happen.
Jamie: You just let them happen.

DEVS doesn't seem to be the type of show that has the potential for extending the miniseries into a series, as Big Little Lies did. The show keeps hinting at a catastrophic event that will trigger a shift in the laws of the universe, which would be pretty hard to come back from.

Stewart in his RV - DEVS Season 1 Episode 6

This is probably for the best, as DEVS has been pretty back-and-forth in quality lately, but this episode renewed my faith in the series having an interesting conclusion. 

Katie reveals to Lily what DEVS does, and openly admits to having a hand in Sergei's death. Her nonchalance at this moment was quite surprising, but it seems like Sergei's death was the red herring in the bigger plan of DEVS.

Katie in Forest's House - DEVS Season 1 Episode 6

Sergei's death is what got Lily involved in the world of DEVS, and apparently she's going to be the one who has a hand in putting an end to it. It's not clear what Lily will do, or if she will even go to DEVS like Katie and Forest anticipate, but it's clear that she's been the one to watch all along.

Lily's always been the main character, but she's sort of faded into the background while more interesting characters like Forest and Katie have taken center-stage.

You can't name a random event. Because there are no random events.


But now, all eyes are on Lily going into the show's final couple episodes, as she's going to be the one determining the fate of all of our characters.

Her refusal to believe in determinism is probably what's going to lead to the downfall of DEVS and/or the universe.

Forest Apologizes - DEVS Season 1 Episode 6

Katie tried to convince her of the fact that there are no random occurrences in life, and that everything has been predetermined, but Lily fundamentally disagrees. 

Lily listening to Katie - DEVS Season 1 Episode 6

Their philosophical debate takes a darker turn when Katie tells Lily about how big of a role she plays in what's to come. Lily simply states that she just won't go to DEVS, and therefore won't cause whatever they think she will, but Katie assures her that she will end up there anyway. 

Since everything so far has been going the exact same way that Katie and Forest had seen in the DEVS prediction, it's safe to say that Lily will end up at DEVS, after all. 

What will force her to go there isn't certain, but my money's on it involving Jamie. 

You got me out. Chivalry.

Jamie and Lily only just got back together, so putting him in any type of danger would have a big emotional impact on both Lily and the audience. She's finally realized her feelings for him were there all along, and regardless of your feelings on the pairing, he's the only person she would risk going to DEVS for. 

Jamie looking concerned - DEVS Season 1 Episode 6

Jamie and Lily's reunion felt a bit rushed, but they were nearly out of time anyway. There are only two more episodes, and they're sure to be jam-packed with action. 

There's a lot of loose ends to tie up, and DEVS isn't exactly known for its good pacing. Hopefully, the next episode will do all of the legwork to set us up for an intense series finale. 

He's crazy. He's obsessive. He kills people.


Stray Thoughts:

  • Lyndon's right. DEVS shouldn't be in the hands of someone like Forest.
  • Forest and Jamie had really good chemistry in their scenes together. It would be great to see more of them before the series ends!
  • The reveal of the extent of Forest and Katie's relationship was very unexpected. It didn't feel necessary to the plot to have them be more than co-workers.
  • Katie and Forest sure had a lot of praise for Lily and Jamie. Why have they been on opposite sides for so long?

If you missed the episode, you can watch DEVS online here at TV Fanatic!

What do you think of Kenton's anger at seeing Jamie and Lily at Forest's house?

Is Forest right? Will everything be fine?

And what the heck is Lily going to do to the universe?

Hit the comments below and share your thoughts!

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He's crazy. He's obsessive. He kills people.


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