Dynasty Season 3 Episode 18 Review: You Make Being a Priest Sound Like Something Bad

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Trying to be a good person in the Carrington family is pointless.

On Dynasty Season 3 Episode 18, we learned that everyone would eventually give in to temptation as they try to excuse their behavior by either throwing money at the situation or explaining that they're "only human."

I don't know why they even try anymore.

Charity Event - Dynasty

The only one who seems to be adamant about turning over a new leaf is Adam. That's surprising, right?

Adam believes he got a second chance after he survived liver surgery, so he wants to "pay it forward."

Kirby summed it up perfectly when she asked if Adam's brain was rewired during the surgery. 

We're so used to Adam plotting that when he tries to do something good, it's just weird and inauthentic.

What Will You Do? - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 18

If Adam truly wants to walk a righteous path, he has to leave the family. Otherwise, he's going to get sucked back into all the drama. 

Wanting to be better also doesn't excuse all the things he's done in the past, including making Steven believe he's mentally ill and locking him up in an institution. I'll never forget. 

But for now, Adam proved his dedication by turning down a chance to save his career by sleeping with the very thirsty, Dr. Bailey.

Lurking in the Shadows - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 18

Wrong time to develop a conscience, Adam. 

When he wouldn't do what was necessary, Kirby stepped in to help him out by threatening to expose Cristal's adultery with the priest.

Bold Kirby is an Australian firecracker, and I love it.

Lately, she's been going after what she wants and standing up for herself, and it's a nice change of pace.

Belle at the Ball - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 18

Refusing to forgive Sammy for how he treated her when she tried to warn him about Ramy was necessary because it forced him to look at his actions. 

Sammy needed to realize that he hasn't been a very great friend, but he wasn't willing to hear it at first. 

Cristal: Maybe it's the Catholic in me, but how can one kiss make me feel so guilty?
Father Connell: Because we both know that it felt like more.

Even Colby tried to point it out to him. What do we make of this new friendship? It's unexpected, but I'm kind of digging it. 

Colby has always been at war with everyone in the Carrington mansion, so it's nice to see him get along with someone for a change. 

I Know Who You Kissed - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 18

And he's not just doing it cause it benefits him either -- Colby and Sammy seem to get along genuinely. At least, before Sammy interrupted Colby's reunion with Mia and told her that Colby was married. 

Colby seemed to be purposefully alluding that little tidbit. 

Adam isn't the only one hoping to make the best of his second chance; Colby is too. 

Up until the surgery, Colby was convinced that he was dying. He married Alexis because he thought it was his last chance at getting back at Blake. 

Dynamic Duo  - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 18

But now that he has his whole life ahead of him, the idea of being stuck in an "arrangement" isn't nearly as appealing. 

He wants more out of life and, quite possibly, a normal relationship with Mia. Yep, Colby is ready to pursue a relationship that has no incestual connections! 

That's the nice part about being married. You have a plus-one built right in.


Mia seems sweet and normal, but looks can be deceiving. Until we know more about her, I'm not falling for it. This is Dynasty, after all, so she's bound to have some agenda or troubled backstory. 

I refused to believe she just accidentally walked into Colby's bar. What does she want from him? 

Your Host  - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 18

And if she is unproblematic and normal, well, that won't last long if she gets involved with a Colby. 

Stealing Colby from Alexis is a surefire way to make enemies. 

Liam was "out of town," which allowed Fallon to get caught up in her usual antics. She meant well by trying to snag his favorite band for the wedding, but she was full of really terrible and hilarious ideas. 

Culhane was right; the secondhand embarrassment was too real. 

The Name's Culhane  - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 18

And she went through all that trouble pretending to be a Lambda Lambda Nu and a charitable person only to realize that she was pursuing the wrong band. 

On the plus side, it gave us some great moments between Fallon and Culhane. I never thought I'd say this, but I've missed these two.

That is the "Daddy did something very, very bad" gift.


Their present-day interactions are proof that you can be friends with your ex. They've also always been better in a platonic relationship than a romantic one. 

Fallon sought out Culhane's help with Liam's wedding gift, and she eventually settled on writing an original song to perform at the wedding. 

Mrs. Carrington  - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 18

There's nothing more meaningful than that, and it allows the series to capitalize on Liz Gillies' incredible pipes. 

Fallon also promised to help Culhane get revenge on Vanessa and Dominque. 

I'm glad Culhane didn't just confront Vanessa. 

The fact that he is taking a smart, thought-through approach and getting Fallon's help means that his payback will be worthwhile, especially if he's going to play the long game. 

Bolder than Before  - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 18

How do you think Culhane will stick it to the power-hungry mother-and-daughter duo?

And lastly, Cristal hooked up with a priest.

There's cheating, and then there's cheating. Cristal straight-up upset the lord! So much for trying to become a better person.

Cristal and Father Collins knew it was wrong and tried their best to stay away from each other, but neither of them could resist. They have chemistry; I'm not arguing with that. 

They're Dating Now - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 18

If Cristal hadn't found out about Blake's rendezvous with Laura Van Kirk, thanks to his heart rate monitor, no less, I don't think she'd have it in her to cheat. 

The guilt would consume her. However, once she figured out that Blake slept with someone else, she rationalized sleeping with Collins as getting even. 

Culhane: Only you can completely humiliate yourself and still end up winning the night.
Fallon: Well, like any skill, it only gets stronger the more you practice.

Look, if you're going to cheat, you'll use any excuse to convince yourself that it's okay. 

Cristal's decision was also influenced by Blake's decision to stand her up at the gala and put Carrington Atlantic above saving their marriage.

An Unlikely Friendship - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 18

On the one hand, I understand Cristal's disappointment with her husband, who was already in hot water for cheating, but on the other hand, how does she think they can afford this luxurious life if not for Blake prioritizing and going the extra mile for his companies? 

He gets his hands dirty so she can live in luxury. I thought the deal was obvious.

Culhane: There's only one name that comes to mind when I think of revenge.
Fallon: Fallon? Awww. I'm flattered.

And just when you thought Cristal getting hot and heavy with a priest was the big twist, it was revealed that Blake and Anders were kidnapped by the Moldovian government while trying to straighten things out with CA. 

Admittedly, the kidnapping trope isn't my favorite (I may have kidnapping PTSD from Scandal), but I'm confident Dynasty will have fun with this one.

Liam's Favorite Band - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 18

Maybe it'll help Cristal realize how much she loves Blake! 

Other Dynasty Musings

  • Blake played Laura Van Kirk, and she played him right back. And her game was much dirtier. 
  • Adam finally got caught for something for a change, and while it's clear, he'll get away with it, at least he's now aware of surveillance cameras. 
Platonic - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 18
  • Fallon would make a terrible sorority sister. 
  • I missed Liam, but I did not miss Alexis. 
  • Where is Moldovia? And why did it take Blake absolutely no time to get there and get kidnapped? I was convinced he was going to walk in on them! 

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments. 

And watch Dynasty online now! 

You Make Being a Priest Sound Like Something Bad Review

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Dynasty Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

That's the nice part about being married. You have a plus-one built right in.


Cristal: Maybe it's the Catholic in me, but how can one kiss make me feel so guilty?
Father Connell: Because we both know that it felt like more.