Grey's Anatomy Fans React to Season Finale's Biggest Shocks

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That was a wild season finale, even if it was not the way things were initially planned to play out. 

Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 21 was the perfect way to end things in this uncertain world. 

We know the show is renewed, but we just don't know when production will resume. 

teddy in white

As Jasmine covered in her review, "Put on A Happy Face" featured a lot of revelations, including DeLuca figuring out what was wrong with Weber, Teddy accidentally calling Owen while she was having sex with Tom, and Amelia giving birth to a baby boy. 

With the episode being marketed as a season finale, many fans were understandably worried about whether everyone would survive. 

Mer's Solution

The show has been known to kill characters off without a second thought, and the likely candidate would have been Weber. 

Having him pull through surgery was just one of the major talking points with fans across social media. 

The below Twitter user put it perfectly...

"Me searching Richard's symptoms to help find what's going on with him #GreysAnatomy," reads the tweet. 

Admit it, you were doing the same thing!

If you watch Grey's Anatomy online, you know DeLuca has been in a manic state over the final episodes of the season. 

DeLuca Hits a Low - Tall

No one was taking him seriously, but fans loved that he was the one to figure out what was going on with Richard before it was too late. 

Fans were also happy about Amelia giving birth and welcoming her bundle of joy into the world. 

Others were not impressed about not learning the name of the child, but that will be revealed next season. 

The other big talking point was Teddy cheating on her wedding day, and Owen finding out about it because she accidentally left her husband-to-be a voicemail. 

Owen Betrayed

Owen claimed that he had a surgery, so he couldn't attend his own wedding. 

But not everyone was Team Owen. 

But some still felt that Owen deserved better. 

It's still unclear when Grey's Anatomy will return for Season 17, but at least fans got the perfect makeshift season finale. 

Teddy in PRT - Station 19 Season 3 Episode 11

Now, we're hanging over a cliff until we get some more details, but at least we know the show is definitely returning to the air. 

What did you think of all the reveals? 

Are you eager to get more episodes? 

Hit the comments. 

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