The Baker and the Beauty Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Two Different Worlds

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The Beauty and the Baker is your new summer fling. 

You know, the one that likely won't last, but you hope it does, so you take a chance on it anyway.

It's so intoxicating and exciting that you can't help but get attached after just one date, which is The Baker and the Beauty Season 1 Episode 1.

Wild Night Out - The Baker and the Beauty

The series, adapted from a hit Israeli romantic comedy of the same name, is a modernized take on your classic "average guy falls in love with a famous, rich girl."

Set in Miami, the series is injected with a little Latin flair to fill the gaping hole left behind by the premature cancellation of Grand Hotel (we're still mad about it) and the end of our favorite telenovela, Jane the Virgin

The Baker  - The Baker and the Beauty Season 1 Episode 1

It's a "tale as old as time" hinged on forbidden love that both parties will quickly realize is worth fighting for. 

But we're not quite there yet in the premiere.

Instead, the premiere sets the scene with a meet-cute between baker and family-man, Daniel Garcia (Victor Rasuk), and international superstar, Noa Hamilton (Dynasty's Nathalie Kelley)

Daniel and Noa come from two different worlds.

Noa Hamilton - The Baker and the Beauty Season 1 Episode 1

And while it may seem like they don't have much in common, they're both in vulnerable places when they meet in the men's bathroom of a trendy and overhyped restaurant. 

Noa has just broken up with her douchebag of a boyfriend, Colin -- your typical Hollywood star who excuses his "fling" with a co-star as a publicity stunt.

We've never heard that line before. 

Mateo: How come she’s always the genius and we’re always the idiotas?
Dad: This I ask myself every day.

Similarly, Daniel is fresh off a breakup that happens mere moments after meeting the intoxicating and non-conformist fashion mogul.  

What starts as Noa taking pity on a guy who intrigues her ends up being a wild night that's beyond either of their expectations. 

Daniel Garcia - The Baker and the Beauty Season 1 Episode 1

There's an instant chemistry as both Daniel and Noa are enamored with each other's world's in a "grass is always greener on the other side" type of way.

Noa craves the normalcy of Daniel's life and longs for the bond he has with his family. 

When she grants him three wishes and his choices are as humble as changing out of his dirty shirt and arranging a call between Noa and his sister, Natalie, her biggest fan, she's impressed with how simple and down-to-earth he is. 

Meanwhile, Daniel dreams of a bigger life for himself -- one that goes beyond working at his parent's bakery in Miami.

Good Cuban Boy - The Baker and the Beauty Season 1 Episode 1

He is the eldest sibling, so he bears most of the responsibilities.

Additionally, he always does what's right and expected of him and takes care of everyone.

In his eyes, Noa's "larger than life" life is a dream.

Daniel is drawn to Noa's spontanaeity, adventurousness, confidence, and brazen attitude. 

Bathroom Meeting - The Baker and the Beauty Season 1 Episode 1

But, as we know, nothing is ever as it seems.

It doesn't take a genius to realize that despite being surrounded by people all the time and having the world at her fingertips, Noa feels truly alone.

A love story can only take this series so far, but what will make it stand out is a realistic portrayal of the pitfalls of fame.

Through Noa we can understand how taxing it is to live a life where your every move is documented and dissected by the public. 

Bakery in Little Cuba  - The Baker and the Beauty Season 1 Episode 1

As Noa and Daniel fight for their unconventional relationship, fame will also become one of the biggest obstacles along with clashes of lifestyle, culture, family, and exes. 

Will Daniel be able to handle the spotlight? Will it destroy a chance at true love?

Or will it come as a blessing as we saw that even a little bit of positive PR did wonders for his family's bakery? The line was out the door! 

Currently, one major problem for Daniel and Noa is Vanessa, his girlfriend-turned-ex-girlfriend.  

Baking Is The Way to Your Heart - The Baker and the Beauty Season 1 Episode 1

Even before Daniel met Noa, he didn't seem too invested in the relationship, and he sure as hell didn't see it as a long-term commitment despite celebrating their fourth anniversary together.

The passion between the pair fizzled out long ago and everything about their relationship was habitual. 

Daniel didn't have what it takes to walk away from Vanessa, but she, unintentionally, gave him a way out. 

Vanessa is what some would call "extra," and not in a good way. 

Anniversary Dinner  - The Baker and the Beauty Season 1 Episode 1

She's driven and a go-getter who goes after what she wants, which, in this case, was Daniel. 

Instead of waiting around for him to propose, she took it upon herself to publically, and I mean very publicly, propose with a cringe-worthy rendition of Taylor Swift's "Love Story."

Any guy -- even a guy madly in love with the girl -- would say no to that embarrassment. 

Which is what Vanessa tried to tell herself after she made a scene, dumped soup on Daniel, and waltzed out. 

Big Moment - The Baker and the Beauty Season 1 Episode 1

Vanessa seems like she’s got it all together, but deep down, she’s a bundle of insecurities. 

She refused to accept that Daniel was just not that into her and instead, talked herself into thinking that he said no solely because the proposal hurt his fragile male ego.

You know if you have to talk yourself into something, maybe you should just stop talking.


She then continued to make a fool of herself by banging on his door in the middle of the night. And she felt bad because she thought he was distraught after losing her. 

Vanessa is living in a delusional world, and she got a much-needed wake-up call when she saw the viral picture of Daniel and Noa cozying up the night of her failed proposal.

New Normal  - The Baker and the Beauty Season 1 Episode 1

While Vanessa likely sees Noa as a threat, I wonder how the series will move forward and address their relationship.

If it knows what's good for them, they'll avoid common tropes like love triangles and jealous rivalries and instead, take a page out of Jane the Virgin's playbook.

Don’t talk to me, talk to her. She likes you.


Rather than making Petra and Jane enemies because of Rafael, they became the show's secret weapon as they blossomed into a powerful, albeit unexpected, friendship. Strong and confident women don't always have to tear each other down to make good television. 

Another reason why things between Daniel and Vanessa didn't work out is because he values his family's opinion and no one seemed to like her all that much. 

PR Manager - The Baker and the Beauty Season 1 Episode 1

Surprisingly, they accepted Noa in a way they never accepted Vanessa. Is that a good sign? Or did they simply believe Noa was a one-time ebound?

Noa's manager, Lewis, may also pose a problem for the couple.

He tried his best to convince Daniel that Noa is out of his league and will use him and dispose of him the way she "always does."

For now, he's a cliche manager dealing with a problematic star, but I hope that the series finds a way to give Lewis more depth because Daniel Bucatinsky has so much more potential. 

Talking Some Sense  - The Baker and the Beauty Season 1 Episode 1

Let's hope that he was coming from a genuine place as he tried to protect his client, her reputation, and his livelihood, while also looking out for the guy from the other side of the tracks. 

The series also needs an outstanding supporting cast to break-the-mold of a cliche love story.

She does this after every heartbreak. I think she likes to see the world through your eyes. Feel your excitement. And then just when you start to feel like you might be friends or falling in love, she has me quietly return you to your reality. I don’t think she realizes how hard a landing that could be.


It doesn't seem like we'll find that with Noa's friends (still holding out for her manager Lewis), but we do get a range of personalities with Daniel's family. 

His mother and father are relationship goals, and their passion after all these years is how Daniel knew that Vanessa wasn't the one. 

Man of the House - The Baker and the Beauty Season 1 Episode 1

His brother, Mateo, is the show's comedic relief as an aspiring DJ whose "big gig" was a middle school dance.

Surprisingly, Daniel's younger sister, Natalia, is the most developed character.

She's witty, snarky, and has the groundwork set for a promising storyline. 

In the premiere, we see her struggle to fit in at her new school while she harbors the secret that she's a lesbian. 

Younger Sister - The Baker and the Beauty Season 1 Episode 1

Overall, the pilot has the makings of a great romantic comedy and admittedly, leaves you wanting more, again, just like any summer romance. 

Sustainability isn't synonymous with summer flings, but if the series can evolve beyond the hook of an unlikely, fairytale romance, it may just be the summer fling that lasts. 

If you're looking for an escape from reality, be sure to watch The Baker and the Beauty online right now! 

What did you think of the premiere? Let us know in the comments below! 

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