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Things are heating up on Mrs. America Season 1 Episode 7, as the show approaches its climax.

Mrs. America subtly planted seeds among some of the characters, in the hopes of a vast explosion by the series finale.

The show boldly embraced creative liberty on "Bella," and had us on the edge of our seats.

Welcome to Illinois - Mrs. America Season 1 Episode 7

The National Women's Conference was re-established, with Bella Abzug running the operation. And while the actual convention has yet to occur, the episode still gave us a little taste.

"Bella" was thrilling from start to finish. To the point where it was getting scary, too, especially since the show decided to take several creative liberties throughout the episode.

Of course, Mrs. America reminds us on every single episode that some plot choices and characters were altered or made up for creative vision. But the fact that it was more noticeable on "Bella" made it all the more exciting because you had no idea what would happen next.

Until the bomb dropped -- good friends and allies, Bella Abzug and Gloria Steinem had quite the argument.

These two have been thick as thieves since they introduced their friendship on Mrs. America Season 1 Episode 2. So it was quite the shock to see them go head-to-head.

Don't Go  - Mrs. America Season 1 Episode 7

And while they did make up by the end of the episode, it was not without rocking the boats. 

Bella and Gloria's fight was essential to the story, not only for climax purposes but for the themes portrayed on "Bella." Everything about this episode was tumultuous, and Bella and Gloria fighting with each other pushed the idea that everything at the moment was chaos.

Nothing was going right for anyone -- Phyllis was not involved in Stop ERA's plans for the National Women's Conference, Betty was not a committee chair, and Gloria and Bella could not help but get angry with each other.

They fought because of their role reversals -- Gloria noted that Bella used to be a lot more radical than she was, while Bella claimed that Gloria used to play politics a lot more.

Bella: So now we're not gonna have people we disagree with participate?
Gloria: Not if we want Houston to be inclusive.
Bella: You want to be inclusive by excluding? Would you listen to yourself?

They essentially swapped identities.

Gloria always looked at Bella as an inspiration for her activism. So much so, that she learned to match her radical personality.

But as Gloria became more like Bella, Bella mellowed out into who Gloria used to be. And it was not surprising, considering that Bella saw something in Gloria that other second-wave feminists, like Betty, did not.

It would only make sense for these two women to morph into each other, even if they did not realize it until they spoke it aloud.

Gloria: We finally have a place that's ours, and they're going to ruin it.
Bella: I've spent almost ten years in this town; I know what I can get done and what I can't, something you've never had to learn.
Gloria: I've learned that I'm not willing to sit on another convention floor, getting called a murderer of babies. I'm not willing to let women speak who are getting funding by the Birchers. I'm sick of trading our dreams for a bit of the middle. This was supposed to be our Eden, and you've let the snakes in. You were a bigger radical than me when we met.
Bella: And you were a dilettante who wanted to play politics.

That's Politics - Mrs. America Season 1 Episode 7

Gloria and Bella admitting how much they changed, made us realize that they were not the only ones with evolving personalities.

Bella's encounter with Alice, Pamela, and Rosemary was not a shock, but the outcomes of their meeting were.

Bella forced the women to realize that even if they did not want to be, they turned into working women.

Alice, Pamela, and Rosemary became working women the moment they joined Phyllis's campaign, and the more involved they became, the more obvious it was.

But the consequences of their activism were not evident until Bella spoke to them.

Go to Albany Yourself - Mrs. America Season 1 Episode 7

Their political involvement was not only more apparent as time went on, but they also became more educated in the process. Alice, Pamela, and Rosemary all developed, giving us hope for the final two episodes.

On Mrs. America Season 1 Episode 3, the women encountered a fellow Stop ERA activist, Mary Francis, spewing hateful rhetoric.

When Phyllis made it clear that having Mary Francis in Stop ERA was more critical than denouncing racially charged language, Alice let it go, even though it bothered her.

When they discovered that the Ku Klux Klan aligned themselves with the Citizens Review Committee, Alice refused to do nothing. Despite Phyllis's hesitation, Alice insisted that they hold a press conference to denounce hate groups formally.

Rosemary has a strong personality, and she always wanted to be a leader. She is the head of the Stop ERA Illinois chapter. On "Bella," Rosemary continued to take on leadership roles and exert confidence.

Alice's Gallery Shot - Mrs. America

As for Pamela, she was always the quietest, most reserved of the group. She struggled in an abusive marriage while enduring Phyllis's quips about men who hit women.

But Pamela also seems to be the most promising of the three women.

Mrs. America showed a whole new side to her character when she realized she could run to represent Illinois at the National Women's Conference.

Pamela: So anyone can run, not just the liberals?
Phyllis: Yes, it's called the electoral process.

Her entire face lit up as if she discovered what she should be doing. Pamela is no longer involved in politics because of her friends. She might not even be in it for Stop ERA anymore. 

Bella Go Home - Mrs. America Season 1 Episode 7

Pamela wants to be more involved in her community, in general. She wanted to serve them. Hopefully, this will push Pamela to pursue her freedom and get away from her abusive husband.

There are high expectations for Alice, Pamela, and Rosemary as we approach the final two episodes of Mrs. America.

We hope they do not let us down and continue to progress, even if they decide to remain anti-feminists.

If we pull this off, Houston will be the death knell of the women's liberation movement. Let's blow it up.


Now it is your turn!

What do you think of "Bella," Fanatics? Are you excited to see what will happen at the convention?

How do you think Alice, Pamela, and Rosemary are going to approach the conference floor? Will Phyllis and Lottie succeed in disrupting the conference? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Mrs. America Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Bella: So now we're not gonna have people we disagree with participate?
Gloria: Not if we want Houston to be inclusive.
Bella: You want to be inclusive by excluding? Would you listen to yourself?

I want you to imagine a group of Native Alaskan women getting on a bus in Fairbanks. Appalachian women getting on a bus in Beattyville. Homemakers getting on a bus in Toledo. They're all travelling to represent their state. All of them yearning to have a voice in government. To vote on issues that affect their lives.