Barkskins Sneak Peek: Will Trepagny Take a Wife?

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One of the quirkier moments on Barkskins' first two episodes came when David Thewlis's Claude Trepagny received official permission to take a wife.

The National Geographic Channel drama, based on the novel by Annie Proulx, is jammed with big characters.

And the biggest of these is philosophical French loon Trepagny.

Seeking Guidance - Barkskins Season 1 Episode 3

Out in the midst of his wooded estate, Trepagny lives with Mari, his half-French, half-Wendat Indian lover, and their young son Theo.

And yet, behind her back, he's been writing to colonial officials in Quebec City.

He hopes to gain the required paperwork for him to marry a Filles du Roi.

These are young women sent from France to marry settlers and multiply, increasing the population of New France.

New Wife - Barkskins

Caught in the middle is Rene Sel, Trepagny's indentured servant.

Rene Sel is falling for Mari but lies to cover for his boss when Mari asks about the letters Trepagny is sending.

In the exclusive clip below from Barkskins Season 1 Episode 3, the potential husbands and wives meet, a moment akin to a bad middle-school dance.

Trepagny finds himself getting verbally seduced by Melissande, who is determined to marry a rich man.

She talks down Delphine, the woman to whom she is closest, in order to win Trepagny.

There are a pair of episodes on tonight starting at 9/8c on National Geographic.

In addition to what we've already covered, the mystery of the recent massacre of French settlers deepens as additional, institutional suspects come to life.

In addition, an unwilling Constable Bouchard is forced to investigate the murder of innkeeper Francis Geffar.

He's driven by Francis's widow Mathilde, a real force of nature.

Spirited Suitor - Barkskins Season 1 Episode 3

Another murder happens early in the evening, further muddying Bouchard's investigation.

Finally, an odd pairing comes together with the life of a young boy in the balance.

Please be here on Monday night for a full review after these two episodes air.

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