90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 5 Episode 12 Review: Compromising Positions

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If you were in the market for tension, then 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 5 Episode 12 was for you. 

Many of the couples are at breaking point, while Andrei and Libby are sitting pretty. It's a real shocker they're managing to work through their issues. 

As far as tension, the other couples seem to be beyond the point of no return, and that's worrisome for the future. 

Plastic is Fantastic - 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

My Sister Would Beat Your A$$!

Kalani puts up with a LOT of crap from Asuelu, so him flipping out about her telling Kolini about what happened was the tipping point for their relationship. 


His relationship with his sister and mother has never been strong, so for him to ditch Kalani and the kids to stay with his family was a bit much. 

Returning with balloons and flowers without so much as an apology was even worse. Kalani is starting to realize that navigating Asuelu's outbursts is becoming too much of a drag. 

Her response about not wanting to be married to him any longer was telling. She's hurting and needs to spend some time on her own -- away from him. 

Asuelu, on the other hand, thinks that forgetting about arguments is the way forward, and that's going to cause much bigger problems down the line. 


Whether they will be able to communicate better is the issue, and I don't think Asuelu is going to take well to therapy. He wants people to follow his rule, and the sooner he changes, the better. 

Eight Women and Some Sour Grapes

Colt and Jess arguing was inevitable, especially when you consider the way Colt has been messaging women and sending them nudes. 

What is evident, however, is that his relationship with Jess is a sham. He's taking the out of sight, out of mind to a whole new level here, and it's a terrible look. 

90 Days HEA

Jess unloading her rage on him in the restaurant was unexpected, but her flipping out when they arrived at the house was even worse. 

Colt is playing with her emotions, and I got the impression he wanted her to blow up in front of his mother because it would make her look worse. 

It was hilarious when Jess tried to show Deb the nude photos, but she should have shown some restraint. The most comical part of it all was the way Deb bailed from the room when the fighting started. 

She witnessed a lot of fights with Colt and Larissa, so she was right to run. 

90 Days HEA1

Deb hates Jess, and would love nothing more than to have her son all to herself, so don't expect them to be friends any time soon. 

Colt's lying is the problem, and he's going to find himself single if he doesn't change things. Just when it seemed like he made a breakthrough with Jess, the truth about Vanessa came out. 

He's an idiot. 

Elizabeth's Family Continue to be the WORST

It's great Elizabeth and Andre are in a good place, but why can her family not be happy for her?

90 Days HEA2

Instead of preparing for the wedding, it seems their dead set on derailing it. Andrei is trying his best to co-exist with them, but they're throwing it back in his face by scheming. 

The trip to the vineyard should have been a day of building relationships, and while it seemed like there was a breakthrough, the family opted to reach out to Andrei's friend. 

Yep, Andrei has a past. Everybody does, and that's the issue here. Andrei may have done something terrible in the past, but he doesn't want anyone to know about it. 

It may be his business, but his friend looked worried about opening up about it. It looks like we're finally getting answers, but don't hold your breath for it to be the end of the animosity. 

Paul Returns - 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

Karine Plots Her Return to Brazil

After everything that's unfolded away from the cameras between Karine and Paul, it makes sense that she's trying to return to her family. 

Karine has been miserable ever since she touched down in the U.S., and given the severity of the allegations she made about Paul recently, it's clear their relationship is over. 

Karine has been scared to leave the home because she's worried about what Paul will say, so it was nice to see her do something of her own accord. 

paul and karine

Visiting with the immigration attorney made me think that Paul is saying something along the lines of it's illegal for her to leave the country with Pierre. 

Here's the kicker: Karine doesn't want to take Pierre away, and is adamant that she wouldn't be that type of mother. 

But Paul will not accept her leaving, so they're stuck in a situation in which none of them are happy. 

Larissa Wants to Be a Mannequin

Larissa has been insecure about her appearance for a while, and wants a seemingly endless list of cosmetic procedures to help boost her confidence. 


However, Eric made a mistake by giving her the money for the first procedure because now she's going to want him to pay for them all. 

The meeting with the surgeon was uncomfortable, primarily because it seemed more like the surgeon and Eric were choosing the size of her new breasts. 

That, to me, is not OK. I'm all for people giving advice in these scenarios, but if Larissa is the person insecure, she should be picking what happens to her body. 

That's all I got!

What did you think of the feuds? Is there hope for any of the couples?

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Compromising Positions Review

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