Days of Our Lives Review: The Adoption Drama Goes On and On

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The adoption drama went on and on and on this week as temper tantrums were thrown all over Salem, and it seemed to be a contest to prove who could be more immature.

The moment Nicole ratted out Sami to Allie, the dominos began to fall. Allie was furious with her mother, and then angry at Will.

I felt sorry for Will. Sami dragged her son into this drama and then put him in a horrible position, but he should have stood up to her. He's a grown man and shouldn't let his mother push him around any longer.

Sami wanted Will to keep her secret, but if she had just kept her big mouth shut and not told Will about her meddling in the first place, Will wouldn't have to choose between betraying his mother or his sister.

But Allie railing against Sami, and Sami lashing out at Nicole were expected as mother and daughter usually act pretty childish.

Nicole Encourages Allie - Days of Our Lives

What bothered me more was Sonny's reaction to Will.

Sonny yelled and stormed off, not even allowing his husband to tell his side of the story. Should Will have told Sonny what his mother was up to? Probably, but Will wasn't so much a part of Sami's plan as a bystander to it.

Sonny's tantrum bugged me the most, especially how he kept trying to make Will feel bad about disappointing Ari.

Adoptions can be tricky under the best circumstances, so Sonny throwing all of his disappointment on Will's shoulders seemed spiteful. Besides, what Ari really wants is a puppy.

The most ironic part of all of this is that all of this anger surrounds Rafe, who truly doesn't seem to want to adopt Allie's baby in the first place. If he did, not even Sami could convince him not to do so.

Ciara's New Theory/Tall - Days of Our Lives

And Allie trying to convince Rafe to adopt her son had an odd undertone to it, as though Allie was desperately trying to sell him something he didn't want to buy. Just leave poor Rafe alone already!

Considering Nicole's interference in this mess, I will give her credit for being honest with Allie about how even people who love one another can make stupid mistakes. Nicole has definitely made her share.

Also, getting Allie to visit her son was a positive move. If she's going to change her mind and keep the baby, now is the time to realize it. If not, then she does need some closure, for lack of a better word.

Allie needs to be able to look at her baby and realize how important it is to choose parents who will love and raise him for the rest of his life, no matter who they will be.

Upset and Betrayed/Tall - Days of Our Lives

I'm hoping Allie eventually chooses Will and Sonny, despite Will's misstep and Sonny acting like a brat. They are good parents, and it would be nice to have the baby still part of the family.

Elsewhere, there was more unexpected baby drama. Eli and Lani are having twins!

I love this twist because it's a happy one, and these two deserve some more joy in their lives. It also has the potential to be a lot of fun, especially if the show gives us all of the challenges of parenting twins.

Too often, babies are born on a soap opera and then sent to their room, handed off to a nanny, and generally rarely seen. Wouldn't it be fun to see Eli and Lani scrambling to care for both babies in a somewhat realistic way?

Over in NYC, Hope, Ciara, and Shawn ran into Chloe as they tried to hunt down Ben.

Ben Tries to Escape - Days of Our Lives

It's always good to see Chloe, and I hope her brief visit here wasn't a one-off. If would be great to have her back in Salem with a real story…just keep her away from Julie. I hated their pointless bickering as business partners and don't want a repeat of it.

It was sad to watch as Chloe slowly realized that Eve could indeed be capable of everything Hope and Shawn we're telling her.

Speaking of which, what was the point of Eve torturing Ben day after day other than to see Kassie DePaiva strut around looking fabulous in evening wear, and Ben sweaty and hot in his boxer briefs?

Not that either of those is a bad thing, per se, but I could have done without the constant screaming. Torture is not entertaining.

At least that's over with now, but the downside is that we'll likely spend the next several weeks with Ben having flashbacks to being the necktie killer and worrying that he'll kill Ciara. I guess that's one of the downsides of marrying a former serial killer.

Ciara Gets Married - Days of Our Lives

Seriously though, I'm not looking forward to this story. It sounds more depressing than entertaining. It puts Ben and Ciara's relationship in jeopardy in a way that feels manufactured instead of organic.

Instead of having Eve deal with the horrific grief of losing her daughter, she's being turned into a comic book villain.

Maybe this storyline will be better than I expect. I hope so because I'm disappointed with it before it's barely begun.

Speaking of disappointment, can we stop all of the machinations about Dimera Enterprises?

On a side note, what the hell was Gabi wearing? I know the actress has an incredible body, but that doesn't mean she has to show even more skin with every outfit.

Spying on Gabi/Tall - Days of Our Lives

What made it all the more ridiculous was that Gabi was setting things up to step into an important business meeting. So Jake, who doesn't have a clue about business, will look respectable in a dead man's suit, while Gabi walks into the meeting with her breasts practically falling out of her top?

I also can't stand Chad using Gwen to do his bidding against Gabi. I'd love to see the tables turned and have Gwen and Gabi team up and help wrest control of the company from Chad.

Gabi could offer Jake a part of Dimera Enterprises and even pay off Gwen for her help. It could be far more absorbing to see these two women set aside their differences and work together than see them constantly bickering over Jake.

Finally, we get to Xander and Sarah, but first…

I have to say how much I love Xander and Jack as friends. Jack has made huge mistakes in his past, and it's great to see him sharing what he's learned over the years with Xander. And Xander saying how much he appreciated having a mate was genuinely touching.

Thanks, Jack. It’s good to have a mate. I’m not exactly loaded down with them at the moment.


Sarah's Date - Days of Our Lives

Sarah and Xander have been through hell and back, and although I feel like this reconciliation skipped a step or two, I'm thrilled to have this couple back together.

Xander is adorable when he's smitten, flustered, or excited, and he's absolutely gobsmacked in love with Sarah.

Sarah is virtually unwatchable when she's not with Xander.

As many times as we've seen Ben and Ciara in bed together over the last several weeks, I found Sarah and Xander far hotter and more fun. The best part was their conversation at the end.

Xander is far from perfect, and Sarah knows that, but he's madly in love with her. If these two can just continue to be honest with one another going forward, then they may have a shot at long term happiness.

Xander Is Thrilled - Days of Our Lives

And despite the odds of that being long, (This is a soap opera we're talking about. How long are any two characters honest with one another?), I hope these two make it because they are one of the most likably fun couples Salem has seen in years.

So you tell me TV Fanatics, are you rooting for Sarah and Xander?

How excited are you about Lani and Eli's twins?

Should Allie still choose Will and Sonny to adopt her son?

Jack Ori will be back next week with his Days of Our Lives review, but be sure to check back on Sunday morning for our Days of Our Lives round table!

Surprising Pregnancy News - Days of Our Lives

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