90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 5 Episode 14 Review: To Love And Obey?

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Two weddings and enough drama to fill an entire season sounds like the perfect way to sum up 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 5 Episode 14

After a meandering string of weak episodes with little drama, "To Love and Obey?" gave the couples some of their biggest tests to date. 

Let's dig in, 90 Day Fiance Fanatics!

Wedding Day Fun - 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

The Wedding in Moldova Was Beautiful, But the American Guests Were the Worst

Andrei and Elizabeth had a turbulent journey to the altar. There's no question about that, but in the end, they had the most beautiful wedding. 


It's just a shame Libby's brother and sister couldn't keep their mouths shut to allow them to have a great day. 

The comments about Chuck paying the money for the lavish wedding should not have been said at the actual event. 

If Jen and Charlie were mad, they should have taken that up with their father away from the event. 

Jen's comments were not as bad as Charlies, but there was clearly a hint of "I'm better than Andrei" when she said about him using her family's money for the wedding. 


Charlie, on the other hand, is the worst. He was seething when he noticed just how lavish the event was, but it was none of his business if his father offered to foot the bill for the event. 

I figured the editing team were tricking us with the endless teases of Charlie's speech, and thought it would be the moment Charlie actually embraced Andrei as a brother-in-law. 

Unfortunately, Charlie could only complain about Andrei and how he hasn't achieved much in life, and that he has to do good, or some crap. 

Andrei showing restraint during that tense scene was surprising, but it means he's going to get revenge on Charlie. 

Andrei hea

If you watch 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? online, you know Jenn and Chuck have given Andrei a hard time about his past, and regularly make comments about his life in Moldova. 

They act like he's a crook and that they're better than him. I'm just going to leave this here to highlight that Libby's family are not as innocent as they would like you to believe. 

The good thing about the wedding was that Elizabeth was mad with Charlie for what he was doing. Far too often, Libby chooses her family over her husband, and it's been concerning. 

It all comes down to what Chuck will try to say to defend himself in the aftermath of this. 


Heartbreak for Angela After Her Wedding

Angela was positively glowing during her wedding to Michael. Despite her family not being at the event, they were there in her heart. 

It was nice to see Angela put the past aside to let her wedding go off without a hitch, and how she and her husband came together. 

But, there's always drama in their lives, and I dare say there will be a lot more when she starts the process of getting Michael his spousal visa. 

Indeed, Michael has lied to Angela, and she is none the wiser, so that will probably come back to bite them down the line. 


Unfortunately, they'll be spending some time apart, and it's all thanks to a late-night phone call from Angela's daughter, Skyla. 

It was obvious Angela's mother was sick, and it genuinely looks like she doesn't have much time left. 

Angela's reaction was heartbreaking because she was coming off the high of her wedding, only to start doubting herself for leaving the U.S. when her family needed her the most. 

Kalani's Parents Take Down Asuelu's Mother and Sister


After what happened in Washington, it seemed like all hope was lost for Kalani to have a relationship with Asuelu's family. 

But having the family vacation in Utah was always going to lead to some blowout arguments that would, in turn, make it to the TV. 

Asuelu's mother and sister have been horrid, saying they don't care about the children, and that all they care about is money. 

It's been bizarre to watch, but the biggest surprise for me was the way Kalani's mother stepped in to defend not only Kalani but Asuelu. 


The positive is that it gave Asuelu's mother food for thought. She went from wanting Asuelu to divorce Kalani to actually taking the time to own up to her mistakes. 

Tammy, on the other hand, continued to be the worst. Even when the family were at dinner and opening up to each other, she couldn't help but shoot daggers at Kalani. 

Why can't she just be happy that her brother is in love? She's driven by money and greed, and there's not much else to say about her. 

Tammy made it clear after the dinner that she still wanted Asuelu and Kalani to break up, and that just further solidifies her status as the worst person to grace the franchise. 


Aside from these storylines, the other couples have hit a snag. None of their drama is worth watching. 

Did we really need to watch Larissa go under the knife, while Eric continually screamed about her not being okay?

Then there's Colt. Nothing about him is exciting because he manipulates women into getting what he wants. 

What did you think of all the developments?

Hit the comments below. 

To Love And Obey? Review

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