Station 19 Season 4 Episode 3 Review: We Are Family

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Judgment day came and went, and everyone is still left standing.

Though Sullivan's hearing wasn't without its suspense Station 19 Season 4 Episode 3, the verdict was pretty much a given.

After all, it would be rather difficult for Sullivan to exist in the Grey's Anatomy universe in his current capacity if it wasn't at Station 19. 

Jack and drag queens - Station 19 Season 4 Episode 3

While Stefania Spampinato's Carina, now a series regular, is not a firefighter, there have been very few instances over the past three seasons where a main character wasn't embedded at Station 19.

Having Sullivan be on the outside for a few episodes worked, but it wouldn't have been as successful in the long run storywise, especially if he and Andy continue to be separated.

I know what I did was wrong. I know I made mistakes. I made colossally bad calls, but I also know I made a lot of good ones. I made decades of good ones, saving lives, helping more people than I can count, and I’m not even close to being done. Look, I regret every moment of pain I caused my colleagues. I regret breaking their trust, and I plan to spend the rest of my career making it up to them, making it right, if you let me.


Therefore, the only real way to guarantee Sullivan's continued participation in the series in a meaningful way was for him to be cleared of all charges.

What was unexpected was Sullivan's demotion.

While some form of punishment was likely, Sullivan being stripped of his entire rank was a decent plot twist.

Sullivan hearing - Station 19 Season 4 Episode 3

Though Sullivan is gracious to still be a firefighter, he hasn't fully processed what his new status as a probie means.

His subordinates are now his superiors. It'll be tough adjusting to the shift in power dynamics, as evidenced by the promos where it looks like Sullivan will butt heads with at least one of his former subordinates -- Dean.

The bigger challenge at hand will, of course, be seeing Andy daily.

When Sullivan was suspended, he and Andy could keep their distance, but working at the same firehouse again is bound to make their separation more difficult.

Sullivan just commented this installment that he didn't want Andy in the hearing, for he was afraid he would kiss her.

Andy talks - Station 19

How is the pair going to handle being up close and personal during their shifts? Not easily, I tell you.

There will be looks of longing, impromptu declarations, and maybe even stolen kisses.

Lowther: Exactly how long have you known Robert Sullivan?
Richard: Long enough to know that he’s a man…
Lowther: So, your recommendation is based on what, your own personal history as a drug addict?
Richard: What’s the toughest thing you’ve ever overcome, Mr. Lowther? A bad hair day, a traffic ticket, your favorite Ribeye overcooked? Addiction is a disease, sir. It’s not a weakness or a shortcoming.
Lowther: Thank you, doctor.
Richard: Overcoming addiction is a daily battle. It’s clawing your way back to any semblance of normal, and there is nothing harder than that first step, and Robert Sullivan has taken it, despite the agonizing pain of withdrawal, despite the fear of losing the career he loves, he’s still putting one foot in front of the other. One day at a time and he deserves to be judged as much for that as he does his past.

While that's great entertainment, it's not the healthiest thing for Sullivan's sobriety and his and Andy's marriage.

But what else can they do, now that no other firehouse will take Sullivan?

They're just going to have to make the best of the situation, which won't be easy again.

Maya and Carina - Station 19 Season 4 Episode 3

One thing that will help is that Andy will no longer be crashing at the firehouse, as she agreed to move back in with Maya temporarily.

Maya's olive branch was much appreciated, and it's about time our favorite besties made up.

Their non-fight has been going on for too long, and with everything that Andy is dealing with, from her separation to finding out her mother is still alive, she needs Maya in her corner more than ever.

What made the apology feel real was that their past grievances weren't just swept under the rug for simplicity's sake.

Jack and Maya - Station 19 Season 4 Episode 2

Maya first acknowledged the rift between them, and then Andy owned up to her faults and apologized.

It was a sweet and touching moment that probably should have happened sooner, but that's neither here nor there.

Andy: I don’t know what happened to our friendship, but I know I never forgave you taking the job, for Jack, for some many things that weren’t entirely your fault, and my life kept rolling forward, blow after blow and I never processed it. I kept it inside. I fell back on my dad’s bad habits. I walled up and isolated and shut down because that’s how things were handled in my family, and you freak out over French toast because you never felt safe around the breakfast table as a kid. I miss having a friend that’s just as messed up as me.
Maya: Well, you have Jack.
Andy: I’m so it’s taken me so long to say all this.
Maya: No, I’m sorry.

The only thing that could undermine their reconciliation is Maya not consulting Carina before making this decision.

Barely a week has passed since Maya and Carina moved in, and Maya's already inviting someone else into their apartment.

Andy write - Station 19

And yes, Andy used to live there, and Maya did a noble thing in inviting Andy to stay, but the captain still should have consulted her girlfriend.

It doesn't take a licensed psychiatrist to understand what Maya's doing.

Maya's freaked out that things are moving too fast between her and Carina, so she's using Andy as a buffer.

Things suddenly seem less intense if it's the three of them shacked up together instead of just Maya and Carina.

These new living arrangements are bound to create some conflict between the couple, and let's just hope Maya wants Andy as a buffer and isn't trying to sabotage things.

Dixon - Station 19 Season 3 Episode 4

And speaking of sabotage, this probably goes without saying, but Dixon remains the worst.

He's been a complete douche in the past, but he took his level of assholery to new heights during Sullivan's disciplinary hearing.

Ben: Herrera, I already know what you’re going to say.
Andy: Great, so I can stop worrying you’re going to end my husband’s firefighting career.
Ben: I’m gonna tell the truth.
Andy: And I’m not telling you not to. I’m just saying Robert made a mistake, and there’s a way to talk about his mistake and how he’s worked himself back from it.
Ben: Andy, no one’s saying he hasn’t changed. I’ve seen it; I’ve seen him, but…
Andy: But what?
Ben: This is my dream, Andy, and that dream might come to an end because of what Sullivan did. Countless lives might not be saved…
Andy: Imagine if it was Miranda. What if Miranda made a mistake, and you needed me to help. I mean obviously it would never be you and Miranda because you’re you and Miranda. You’re both so clear and smart and moral and fine. You’re always so fine, which is why I need you to help us. You have to help us so Robert and I can have a shot at being you and Miranda. So we can have a shot at being fine.
Ben: I’m gonna tell the truth.

It was expected that Dixon would spin things, so he came off looking like an innocent scapegoat and paint Sullivan as the bad guy, but Dixon completely outdid himself when he insinuated Sullivan was responsible for Pruitt's death.

Mistakes were made all around that day, but Sullivan alone doesn't bear responsibility for Pruitt's actions.

It was a fraught and complex situation, but of course, Dixon doesn't expound upon that.

Sullivan smile - Station 19 Season 3 Episode 14

No, Sullivan is just a horrible person, a monster who potentially blackmailed Emmett into keeping quiet by threatening to out the young firefighter.

Like where does Dixon get off spreading these lies, and who in their right mind at the Seattle Police Department thought it'd be a good idea to rehire him?

Dixon is a despicable human being and deserves worse than the hand he's been dealt, but life doesn't always work out as we want.

The only possible good news is that with Dixon back at the SPD, there's a decent chance this vile character never graces our screens again. Let's hold on to that hope.

Dixon smiling - Station 19 Season 3 Episode 7

While the older Dixon is always displeasing, Sullivan's disciplinary hearing also meant the young Dixon was back.

It was great to see Emmett again, and even though he's not technically still part of the Station 19 family, it was nice that he still felt at peace there.

Dean: What’s this?
Travis: Breakfast.
Dean: Pre-cut fruit?
Vic: It truly is some days.
Dean: Wait, no eggs and bacon? We don’t get eggs and bacon? Don’t we sacrifice enough?

His father may not accept him, but Emmett does have people he can count on, such as his new friend Travis.

Their interactions were beyond awkward, but striking up a friendship was a nice way to smooth things over.

It also provides an opportunity to see Emmett regularly, which isn't something I mind, for unlike his father, Emmett is a decent person and an absolute delight.

Richard testify - Station 19 Season 4 Episode 3

Some stray thoughts:

  • Will Jack and Inara happen already? It's nice that Jack wants to take things slow, but at this pace, we'll be lucky if something happens by season 6. All this waiting is becoming irritating, though it was somewhat disconcerting when Dean "shrinked" Jack about Marsha, Inara, and Marcus being his replacement family.

    Maybe Jack should bring that up in therapy. It might be something he wants to consider before moving forward.

  • Though it was overly heavy-handed, good on the series for taking a stand on addiction and the opioid crisis. Only one impassioned plea was needed, but Richard and Ben drove home that addiction is a serious disease. All those in recovery should be applauded for taking the necessary steps to get sober.

  • I get why the PRT was disbanded, but don't ambulances have the same problems with narcotics? Aren't those sorts of drugs on hand as well, so how is the PRT any different? Couldn't anyone just as easily get narcotics on an ambulance as the PRT?

  • I love that everyone at Station 19 views Bailey and Ben as #relationshipgoals. They're adorable.

So what did you think, Station 19 Fanatics?

How will Sullivan handle the demotion?

What will be the consequences of Maya asking Andy to move in without Carina's consent?

What are your thoughts on seeing Dixon and Emmett again?

Hit the comments below to let me know your thoughts. If you missed the latest episode, remember you can watch Station 19 online at TV Fanatic.

We Are Family Review

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Station 19 Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Sullivan: Nice to meet you in real life, sir.
Richard: You’re taller than I thought.

Dean: What’s this?
Travis: Breakfast.
Dean: Pre-cut fruit?
Vic: It truly is some days.
Dean: Wait, no eggs and bacon? We don’t get eggs and bacon? Don’t we sacrifice enough?