Dale McGarrigle

Dale McGarrigle

Killjoys Season 4 Episode 5 Review: Greening Pains

Killjoys Review: Greening Pains

On Killjoys Season 4 Episode 5, the trio takes desperate measures in order to save D'av's newborn son when his life ends up being on the line.
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Claws Season 2 Finale Review: Breezy

Claws Season Finale Review: Breezy

On Claws Season 2 Episode 10, keen for the opportunity to settle all scores, Desna proceeds with the plans for her big day despite a looming hurricane.
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Reverie Season Finale Review: Point of Origin

Reverie Review: Point of Origin

On Reverie Season 1 Episode 10, when Onira Tech is at risk of being destroyed and one of them is kidnapped, the team must race against the clock.
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Claws Season 2 Episode 9 Review: Til Death

Claws Review: Til Death

On Claws Season 2 Episode 9, Polly gets an unexpected visit as Desna realizes she can play a two-faced #bossbitch better than the rest of them.
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Killjoys Season 4 Episode 3 Review: Bro-D Trip

Killjoys Review: Bro-D Trip

On Killjoys Season 4 Episode 3, Zeph must face down possible death, while Johnny manipulates D'av into helping him search out the green pool.
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Reverie Season 1 Episode 9 Review: The Key

Reverie Review: The Key

On Reverie Season 1 Episode 9, Mara considers whether she wants to have a future with OniraTech when her personal tragedy finally comes to a head.
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Elementary Season 6 Episode 13 Review: Breathe

Elementary Review: Breathe

On Elementary Season 6 Episode 13, Watson's path to adopting a child suffers a setback as she prepares for a home visit from her agency case worker.
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Claws Season 2 Episode 8 Review: Crossroads

Claws Review: Crossroads

On Claws Season 2 Episode 8, after a harrowing experience, Desna is offered a deal with the Russian devil that's more intriguing than nail art on acrylics.
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