Adrianna is a troubled student at West Beverly.

She is pressured by her mom to succeed in the acting world, as it's implied that Adrianna's career is the main source of income for her family. As a result, this character turns to drugs... and evil behavior.

Most notably, early on 90210, she pretended as though she slept with Ty in order to hurt Annie. Since then, Adrianna has changed a lot. She actually got pregnant, engaged to Navid, broke off said engagement and gave the child up for adoption.

Adrianna Tate Duncan Quotes

Naomi: How's mommy dearest?
Adrianna: Desperate to be Dina Lohan.

I go to like five auditions per week. So I may be tired sometimes... but it doesn't mean I'm on drugs!

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Max: That's like walking around with no underwear.
Naomi: What's wrong with that?

Don't mock the abs.

Liam [to Dixon]