When Carly arrived in Port Charles, she made it a point to get close to Nurse Bobbie Jones and her husband, Dr. Tony Jones. Since that time, this vixen has done just about everything, including stealing her birth mother's husband and hiding the truth about her son's true paternity...

Marrital Status
Married/Estranged (Michael "Sonny" Corinthos)

Past Marriages
Alan "AJ" Quartermaine, Jr. (divorced)
Michael "Sonny" Corinthos (divorced)
Michael "Sonny" Corinthos (divorced)

Barbara Jean "Bobbie" Spencer (biological mother)
Virginia Benson (adopted mother; Deceased)
Tim Spencer (maternal grandfather)
Lena Spencer (maternal grandmother; Deceased)
Lucas Jones (adopted brother)
Barbara Jean "BJ" Jones (step-sister; Deceased)
Lucas Lorenzo "Luke" Spencer (uncle)
Ruby Anderson (great-aunt; Deceased)
Lucas Lorenzo "Lucky" Spencer, Jr. (cousin)
Lesley Lu "LuLu" Spencer (cousin)
Bill Eckert (first cousin once removed; Deceased)
Jenny Eckert (first cousin once removed)
Sly Eckert (first cousin once removed)
Fred Eckert (first cousin once removed; Deceased)

Michael Morgan Corinthos III (son; with A.J. Quartermaine, later adopted by Sonny)
Miscarried child (son; with Sonny)
Morgan Stone Corinthos (son; with Sonny)

Flings & Affairs
Jason Morgan (one-night stand)
Tony Jones (affair)
A.J. Quartermaine (one-night stand)
Sonny Corinthos (affair)
Roy DiLucca (flirtatious)
Zander Smith (kissed)
Lorenzo Alcazar (affair)
Jason Morgan (kissed)

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General Hospital Quotes

Claudia: Oh, you're in a foul mood, huh? Looking for trouble?
Sonny: You know, I have not been fair to you. I know I called you a lying whore, and all that. But hey, you know what? At least you don't pretend to be anything else.

Lucky, it's called cleavage, and it's the best weapon we've got.