Hank Lawson is a good-looking, intelligent, talented and innovative, often referred to as "Medical MacGyver" for his ability to think quickly and come up with unique solutions to problem.

Hank is also a man of convictions, which actually is what gets him in trouble when Royal Pains begins. Due to a decision to save a young boy, instead of a big wig at his hospital, Hank gets fired and blackballed from every hospital in town. Hence, why he finds a new career in the Hamptons as living in a guest house with his brother Evan, and becoming Boris' personal doctor.

Hank Lawson Quotes

Boris: Life isn't always simple.
Hank: But death is.

Hank: I need a bottle of vodka, a very sharp, pointed knife, uh, a Bic pen, a sandwich baggie and some duct tape.
Libby: Sandwich baggie, duct tape. Who are you? MacGyver?

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Royal Pains Quotes

Yeah, dude. Don't punk the crackberry. She'll light your ass up like a Christmas tree.


Note to self, become a doctor.