Kevin Walker is the fourth child to Nora and William. He's successful lawyer played by actor Matthew Rhys.

When he isn't working at his downtown Los Angeles law firm, Kevin helps the family with legal matters. In the past, he  contributed in seeing Ojai Foods through a financial crisis, among other issues he's an expert in.

Kevin is also gay.

Kevin Walker Quotes

Scotty: You're an attorney ...
Kevin: Not if I'm on life support. As my husband, you'd be charged with pulling the plug or not.
Scotty: Okay, this is all starting to get a little too real.
Kevin: It's a good thing we are married. If it was up to my mother, she'd never pull the plug and I'd be a vegetable for all eternity.

Kitty: No, come on, Kevin, you love complicated. You-- why did you go to work for Robert?
Scotty: Well, because he didn't make partner.
Kevin: What? No, I wanted to make a difference.

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Brothers & Sisters Quotes

No, no. No 'Buts'. You're not allowed to give up. You're not allowed to give up because you believe in your gut that this is right. And besides, we've all inherited this absurd drive to make things that, that yes, they seem complicated and they're messy, but we can turn them into something great.


Do I at least get a cigarette and a chance to say my last words?