In 1978, Luke Spencer came to Port Charles at the request of his sister, Bobbie, who needed his help separating the object of her affection, law student Scotty Baldwin, from his girlfriend, Laura Webber.

Although Bobbie never landed Scotty, she definitely had gone to the right person for assistance. After Laura married Scotty in 1979, she and Luke became friends while she worked for him at the mob-run Campus Disco. The night before he was to perform a mob-ordered hit - a suicide mission - he acted on his strong feelings for Laura and, despite her protests, had his way with her...

Marital Status: Married to Tracy Quartermaine
Father: Tim Spencer
Mother: Lena Spencer (Deceased)
Siblings: Bobbie Spencer
Aunt: Ruby Anderson (surrogate aunt; Deceased)
Niece: Carly Corinthos, BJ Jones (adoptive niece; Deceased)
Nephew: Lucas Jones (adoptive nephew)
Cousins: Bill Eckert (Deceased), Jenny Eckert, Sly Eckert, Fred Eckert (Deceased)
Children: Lucky Spencer, Jr. (son; with Laura), LuLu Spencer (daughter; with Laura)
Significant Romantic Relationships: Laura Spencer (divorced), Jennifer Smith (engaged), Holly Sutton (lover), Constance Townley (lover), Tammy Hansen (one-night stand), Felicia Jones (one-night stand), Skye Chandler Quartermaine (dated) Tracy Quartermaine (current wife)

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