Broken Samurai - Shooter Season 3 Episode 12
Isaac has found a renewed sense of purpose working with Nadine to take down Atlas. Would he be opposed to working alongside her on a permanent basis?

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Shooter Season 3 Episode 12: "Patron Saint"
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Shooter Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Harris: No offense, I need a break from you two. I'm gonna go see my buddy, Van Tassel. With Brooks gone, maybe he knows who the next nominee is -- see how far down Atlas goes on this.
Nadine: Well, don't use your credit cards.
Bob Lee: And don't go home.
Harris: Yeah, no, I'm good. I'll be fine. I'll get some more of that pink pepper spray, right?
Bob Lee: It's powerful shit.

FBI Agent: Swagger, you know what it's like to have the entire US Government on your ass. So, tell me what you were doing in those woods.
Bob Lee: Lawyer.