Casey and Severide - Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 12
Casey and Severide respond to a false alarm at a private school on Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 12.

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Adrian Burrows/NBC
Chicago Fire
Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 12: "Then Nick Porter Happened"
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Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 12 Quotes

Kidd: So I have been trying to planning a surprise trip as a birthday present for Kelly. Only thing is is that it’s his birthday next week, and I still haven’t figured out what to do. It’s so tricky.
Ritter: Hey, you know my boyfriend Eric, he’s a travel agent. I bet he could hook you up.
Kidd: That would be amazing. Are you serious? Oh my god, can you have him stop by Molly’s tomorrow night?
Ritter: Sure.

Severide: Do you realize that your school has had three false alarms since the beginning of the semester?
Headmaster: My apologies. It’s an all-boys school. There’s a certain level of chaos that comes with territory.
Severide: Well, we’re not talking about harmless fun. That alarm delayed our response to a real emergency, and the victim is in bad shape because of it.