Phil and Luke Sell
Father and son real estate agents, Phil and Luke work an open house together. Well technically Luke is a kid and not licensed, but you get the idea.

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Modern Family
Modern Family Season 1 Episode 7: "En Garde"
Phil Dunphy, Luke Dunphy
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Modern Family Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Alex: Did you know fencing goes back to the 12th century?
Haley: You know what's even nerdier than fencing? knowing when it began
Luke: I don't think you're a nerd, Alex
Alex: Shut up dork

Gloria [about Manny]: It's in his blood. His father was a master swordsman. He was an artist with his sword! I mean, the way he throws the sword, I mean, he was legendary
Jay: You know it's a nice moment I'm having with your son, you're kind of wrecking it