Plan B - Vikings Season 5 Episode 11
Lagertha lost her throne and she, Bjorn, and Ubbe had to retreat. That doesn't mean they're going to give up though. Lagertha and Bjorn are most likely planning something to take down Ivar.

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Vikings Season 5 Episode 11: "The Revelation "
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Vikings Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Rollo: Of course Bjorn Ironside lives, I taught him to fight! Who can kill him?
Ivar: There is someone else who is still alive. The woman that haunts my days and nights.

Ivar: We obviously want to reward you for what you have done for us.
Rollo: Don't worry, you will. We will strike a trade deal which will be extremely favorable to me. We will also make an alliance for our mutual defense so that if I am attacked by anyone, you will send warriors to support me.