Pledged to Protect - Doctor Who
The doctor is trapped on a giant spaceship and watches someone die whom he has pledged to protect on Doctor Who.

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Doctor Who
Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 12: "World Enough and Time"
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Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 12 Quotes

You’re probably handsome, aren’t you? Well, congratulations on your relative symmetry.


Missy: Hello. I’m Doctor Who. And these are my plucky assistants, Thing 1 and… the other one.
Nardole [long-sufferingly]: Bill, Nardole.
Missy: We picked up your distress call [broad wink] and here we are to help, like awesome heroes.
Bill: Yeah, we’re not assistants.
Missy: Okay, right, so what does he call you? Companions? Pets? Nags?