She's the Publisher - Younger Season 6 Episode 7
Kelsey is at odds with Charles on Younger. "Friends with Benefits" is the seventh episode of the show's sixth season.

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Younger Season 6 Episode 7: "Friends with Benefits"
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Younger Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Kelsey: After looking over your current acquisitions, I feel that this book would be much better suited as a Millennial title.
Zane: You lost that book! You can't just poach it because you want it!
Kelsey: It's just a better fit for Millennial. A story about a young woman who may or may not be a killer? It's a real-life Gone Girl.

Diana: Do you ever feel like a giant wrecking ball?
Liza: He didn't sell the house because of me.
Diana: It's OK. I blame myself. I'm the one who hired you. At the time, I thought you were more stalwart than seductive.