Tea Time - Younger Season 6 Episode 9
Liza and Maggie catch up over tea, and by the looks of Liza's snuggly outfit, she's hiding out at home until the age scandal blows over.

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Younger Season 6 Episode 9: "Millennial's Next Top Model"
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Younger Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

I think this is crazy. She lied to you, made you all complicit, and now, it's threatening your business. But you want to let her get away with it allowing her to endanger the company. You're refusing to put out a very preventable fire. Write her a nice recommendation and get her out before she poisons the whole company.


Well, you want some tea, Shelly? Everyone is pretending to be younger. We dye our hair, we whiten our teeth, we wear moisturizing face masks that make us look like serial killers, and we squeeze our widening hips into Spanx because the most important thing to be in the whole goddamn world is 27. Should I have told the truth? Sure. But you know what? So should you. Millennial isn't an age, it's an attitude. And if you can't sell that, we'll go somewhere else.