The Insurgency Council - Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 7
To run a secret counter-operation against the ASA, the insurgency utilizes many well-respected and capable people in town, like Blackbird and Deputy Chief Henderson.

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Black Lightning
The CW
Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 7: "The Book of Resistance: Chapter Two"
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Atlanta, GA
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Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Why is my life always so messed up? Medicine isn’t working anymore. So, I’m shapeshifting left and right. I thought getting my feelings out in this video would help me stabilize, but I’m so scared.


Jennifer: Is he dead?
Major Grey: Far from it. He’s in the hospital and expected to make a full recovery.
Jennifer: Getting shot at his age, he needs to go ahead and retire. Start that rideshare business like I told him.