The Monitor - Elseworlds Part 1 - The Flash Season 5 Episode 9
This photo is to be used in conjunction with the LaMonica Garrett interview.

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Katie Yu/The CW
The Flash
The Flash Season 5 Episode 9: "Elseworlds, Part One"
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The Flash Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Barry: If you touch her-
Oliver: I didn't touch her!
Barry: You thought about it!

Iris: You, Barry Allen, have always been and will always be, the man that I love.
Barry: No matter what mask I wear I will always show you my true face.
Iris: I need you to promise me something, Barry. Promise me that when we figure out who did this to you and when you get your speed back and you're finally back in my arms, that you'll come back to me.
Barry: Of course I'll come back.
Iris: Barry I heard what you said right before you took that shot. You're the Green Arrow now. But please don't become Oliver Queen.