Wellness Weekend - Tall - YOU Season 2 Episode 5
Love and her mother Dottie have a complicated relationship that Joe becomes privy to when he meets her for the first time.

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YOU Season 2 Episode 5: "Have a Good Wellkend"
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YOU Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Joe: I'm not afraid of you anymore. If you really had something on me, you would have turned me in already.
Candace: I'm not afraid of you either.
Joe: Why would you be afraid of me? Candace, it was an accident. End of story. I never tried to kill you.
Candace: You know what they say? You never know if you're fight or flight until you're forced to find out. Turns out, I'm fight. So now I've found you. I'm not going anywhere, and I don't care what you tell yourself because all I have to do is wait for you to mess up. Murder has a way of following you, and you're not getting away with it.

I don't think I've ever been in love before. It's been infatuation. This is it. Accepting you're not perfect and loving you more for it. 

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