Bang Bang Bang
Artist: Mark Ronson
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Bang Bang Bang Lyrics

Un, deux, trois
Turn it up a little bit
Bang, bang, bang

Feathers, I'm plucking feathers
One by one, by one
No more skylarking around my head
Your information
But there's no hiding behind molting feathers

On the plane, on my brain, 'bout to do the show
40k contract, take it out the door
Dice symbolize my life, roll 'em on the floor
From your grubby hands, as you hand the grand stand

You live a shitty life, we live the bonne, bonne vie
Hotter than the book, while we watch the TV
Think you got us fooled, ooh never again
First time, shame on me, second time, your time will end

No way, bang your dead, paint your silhouette
Je te plumerai la t
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