Lovers Without Love
Artist: Joshua James
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Lovers Without Love Lyrics

this road has over taught me lessons
about my lonely soul
i am young and getting wiser,
soon i will grow old
trip my heart from misconceptions
fill my eyes with grief
let me make my own connections
in this endless sea.

oh muscle, cars, and endless bars, and shopping centers for the teams.
high price propane and crack cocaine,
and lovers without love like me.

i see so much my visions blurry,
in the world i live
if we're to change them we must hurry,
the devil's moving in.
love and hate can not see colors,
like the human eyes,
so priests and preachers, parents teachers,
don't act so damn surprised

its the world we've made and living in
of greed lust and poverty,
of war and pride, teen suicide,
and lovers without love like me
from topless dances to Marilyn Manson
and lovers without love like me.

theres kids in gangs
we have coveted fame
we have sweat shops across the sea
we have abortive mothers,
we hate each other

theres lovers without love
theres lovers without love
theres lovers without love
like me
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