Harris: You guys are talking about blackmailing a Supreme Court nominee.
Nadine: You want to help, or do you want to keep asking questions?
Harris: Technically, I can do both.

Nadine: What are we gonna do about Bob Lee?
Isaac: Let him do what he's going to do.

Julie: What do you want me to do about the eulogy?
Bob Lee: I get to Ray Junior in time, I'll read his confession.

Carlita, if you don't have the card the next time we talk our conversation will be a lot shorter.


Pride has a way of warping men's thinking -- tries to convince those fellas downstairs to fill Tiki torches with explosives by telling them that they were losers because of people who don't look like them instead of the actual truth which is they are losers.


You're a truthful man, honorable even, but you've lost your way. That's why you're strapped to this chair because the only time you know who you are is when you're behind a long gun.


Bob Lee: Did you kill him?
Bama: I already told you I did
Bob Lee: Not your son, my father.
Bama: Oh. Wish I could say yes. Maybe your father can tell you who did it when you see him.

Atlas henchman: I'm happy I won't have to kill you.
Carlita: Me too.

Bob Lee: Jules I don't think I'm going to make it in time.
Julie: I didn't expect you would.
Bob Lee: Honey, I had to do this.
Julie: You didn't. You wanted to. It's different.
Bob Lee: Alright, well, I'll get on the plane as soon as they let me. I'll be home soon.
Julie: Don't.
Bob Lee: What?
Julie: Don't come home. Not until you're ready to stay.

The snow is such a game changer.


I love the snow.


My little girl loves peek-a-boo.