Frank: What the hell’s got into you?
Sid: Same thing that was always there. Same thing you hired me for. I stick up for our cops even when everyone else has fled the scene.

Boss, I’ve watched you up close for years. You’ve got something the rest of us don’t. You can stand up to the ranks above you've and it’s like you got a Teflon suit over a Kevlar vest and your dirty looks are actual flamethrowers.


Frank: So you think it’s your job to step out of the chain of command, break protocol, in order to save me from the headache?
Russo: Well, no, when you put it that way.
Frank: You’ve got another way to put it.
Russo: Well, we all serve at the pleasure of the mayor.
Frank: Well, you got that wrong. I serve at the pleasure of the mayor. You serve under my command and we both serve all of the people of this city not just the ones with the hook at city hall.

Anthony: Since when have orders stopped you?
Erin: Since they’ve been coming straight from the DA complete with sarcasm and not so veiled threats.

It’s our responsibility to seek out justice, not just more convictions.


You undermine a leader from above, he’s dead as a leader.


Eddie: Do you have any idea how many times I’ve walked home at night, alone, a couple of drinks in me? How many times I’ve thought maybe this is it? Tonight’s the night I become the victim.
Jamie: So you make yourself a victim?
Eddie: The answer is no, you don’t know.
Jamie: I don’t see why you should hang yourself out there like a piece of bait for some creep.
Eddie: Of course you don’t, because you’ve never been afraid to walk home alone at night. You have no idea what that feels like.
Jamie: I’m not saying I do.
Eddie: Well then, respectfully, back off.

Jerry: This look all right? I want to make sure I'm dressed appropriately.
Junior: You look great, man.
Jerry: Thanks, man.

Danny: Let me make this clear: We're trying to find a pair of feet at the bottom of the ocean.
Grover: I guess you could say the game's afoot.

Kamekona: Why do you assume I know about every illegal operation on this island?
McGarrett: Is that a serious question?

McGarrett: If he dies, I've got two bodies and no leads.
Danny: If you die, I've got three bodies and no partner.

There's a lot of different ways to be a hero, and I've seen you do heroic things.

Junior [to Jerry]