Jennifer: I saw Brady. I can never imagine you hitting him like that.
Eric: He had it coming.
Jennifer: I know, and I'm not saying that to judge you. It's just clear that for you to go after him like that... what this has done to you... I've been looking for you ever since. Where were you?
Eric: I went to go see Maggie, to see if she knew where Nicole was. She doesn't.
Jennifer: And now that you know the truth, you want her back again. It's over between us, isn't it?

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Days of Our Lives
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Days of Our Lives Quotes
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Days of Our Lives Quotes

Adrienne: Damn, damn, damn...
Kate: Oh, honey. You seemed so calm just then.
Adrienne: With all of them staring at me, what was I supposed to do? Oh God, I'm screaming inside.
Kate: Oh, no, now I understand. I do. Now what is it?
Adrienne: I got up this morning and I looked at my breasts and... Oh God, Kate, it hit me. Gone. They're gonna cut them off of me. And everyone wants me to be lucky and feel lucky that I'm having the reconstruction right away but God, that's a whole 'nother world of scary.

Gabi: Why are you doing this? Why are you lying?
Rolf: Because I don't like you.