And unfortunately, we're all human. Except me, of course. I'm joking, Elliot. Enjoy your long drive back home. I'm having a helicopter take me back to New York. Take care, Elliot.


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Mr. Robot Season 1 Episode 5: "3xpl0its.wmv"
Mr. Robot
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Mr. Robot Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes, Mr. Robot Quotes
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Mr. Robot Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

People always make the best exploits. I've never found it hard to hack most people. If you listen to them, watch them, their vulnerabilities are like a neon sign screwed into their heads. Mobley's a glutton, who lacks discipline from his urges. Romero is a know-it-all and a hypochondriac. Mr. Robot? His flaw is he's absolutely insane. We're talking clinical. When they say "if your friends jump off a bridge, would you?" -- he would. Without hesitation, just to prove something. He goes in there, he's liable to blow the whole place up, just like he wanted to in the first place.


Fernando Vera: I ain't pleading anyway. Men can't sentence me. That is a cosmic responsibility. Someone is going to get hurt for this. That's how we get square with the universe.
Lawyer: Fernando, we need to discuss strategy, you don't want super max.
Fernando Vera: Nah. If they lock me up the kind of door they close don't matter.