Leon: I lied.
Acosta: Why?
Leon: Because I birthed you and I knew exactly what you’d say. But that seal is mine.
Acosta: It’s the seal of a racist who owned human beings. It’s evil. It’s not, it’s not you that’s evil. It’s about slavery. Dad, this symbol is nothing but pain.
Leon: That’s right. There’s pain in my paintings, and in my DNA, and in yours, and in Annie’s. But that’s not all that I am and not all you are. What I know is that I’m in charge of how I shoulder that weight. So I reached out and reclaimed that brand for myself. Made it my property, not the other way around. To me, that’s a symbol of resilience, of grace beyond all measure.
Acosta: That’s just not what I see when I look at that.
Leon: I leave you that room. You leave me mine. You carry your weight the way you need to carry it, and I’ll carry mine my way. But what’s true is we’re both gonna carry it.

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EVIL Season 1 Episode 8: "2 Fathers"
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EVIL Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Kristen: Ah, God, it’s great here.
Acosta: Not another house for 10 miles. It’s like the start of a horror movie.
Kristen: Oh well, bad cellphone coverage. Guess all we need is car trouble, and we’ll have won horror movie bingo.

Leon: Look, I know we hit that fork in the road -- you danced off toward religion, I got swallowed up with art. What you feel when you pray, get a whiff of that incense, I feel right here with color. The way St. John of the Cross talks about mysticism, that’s how I feel about painting. Someone paints through me; my hand is divinely guided.
Acosta: By who?
Leon: I don’t know: spirit, perfect muse. All I know is when I’m painting, it’s crap, but when somebody else paints through me, that’s when it all comes together.
Acosta: How do you know it’s not some bad spirit painting through you?
Leon: Now, you’re talking like a priest. There’s no good or bad in art. The more years you put on you, you’ll see. Duality doesn’t exist. There’s just what is.