Morgan: So was Carly upset that you ghosted her while you were away?
Shaun: She said it was hurtful.
Morgan: You're getting off easy. So is this your way of breaking up with Carly for Lea?
Shaun: I don't want to break up with Carly.
Morgan: But you do want to get with Lea.
Shaun: I didn't say that.
Morgan: Not out loud. . And you're making a big mistake. Carly is smart. Pretty. And the fact that she's willing to put up with all your stuff means you should be thanking whatever god you pray to that you ever met her. While Lea is.. .well... a flake.
Shaun: Lea is not a flake.
Morgan: She showed up on your doorstep without even giving you a heads up that she was coming back to San Jose. Then she needed to move out, but then she moves in, not to mention the whole 'let's get drunk on tequila and I'll teach you how to kiss but I just want to be friends.'
Morgan: Oh come on. She showed up

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The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 11: "Fractured"
The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Shaun: Being with Lea felt very different than being with Carly
Glassman: Maybe that's why you wanted her here instead of Carly in the first place.
Shaun: Lea and I are just friends.
Glassman: Yeah, she's made that very clear. Sometimes you learn more about people from what they do than what they say. Of course, who the hell knows what she wants? But what do you want?

Lea: You want to talk about last night? I think we should.
Shaun: Why?
Lea: Cause you were in a really bad place last night and -
Shaun: I feel better now. Thank you.