I will keep hearing you, one epiphany at a time.

This is what I know. I have loved you since the moment I saw you. Loved you and feared you. Well, not you but this. I have been terrified to love this profoundly but not anymore. For good and for bad. For great and for hard. For dreams and the truth behind the dreams. I am here. I am yours. Sam Swarek, I choose you.

Andy: I feel like I'm going to explode into a million shiny pieces.
Sam: I think that's called joy.

Starr: How did you meet this Sam guy?
Andy: In an alleyway, I basically kicked his ass.

Last night I came over and I interrupted a family, one that I have no part of. The fact is Sam that the life that I wanted with you, you're actually having with somebody else.

Sam: Your clothes are all over my bedroom floor.
Andy: Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know that was a problem. I can make it stop.

I already gave Oliver money for popsicles so suck it.

Sam: It's because we laid all of our clothes out last night. That always ensures a good tomorrow.
Andy: That's officially the lamest thing you've ever said to me. Take your shirt back off to remind me why I'm with you.

Andy: You're going to have a daughter. She's going to adore you.
Sam: She's going to adore you too.

Just because this isn't what I pictured, that doesn't mean I fold. I love you and I will show up and we will figure this out. I promise you there is not going to be a day where that child does not feel wanted or loved by me.

This isn't the family you pictured but it's the one you have and you have a choice.

I'm not upset. I'm invested.

Rookie Blue Quotes

There is absolutely no training that prepares you for life on the street.

Staff Sgt. Boyko

First rookie out of their cuffs drinks for free. Everyone else pays.

Oliver Shaw