Paul, just making out every day after school is not really a solid basis for a relationship.

You know how they say things get worse before they get better? I think I'm finally getting to the better.

Sorry, I thought you all had Maidar or something.

Chloe: I know I might not be the kind of Uniter you were hoping for, but this is the one you've got.
Valentina: You're exactly the kind that we were hoping for. Maybe it's time Mai and humans stopped living in different worlds. It's not gonna be easy, Chloe. So much hope and so much fear, all in one girl. Like it or not, the whole world is coming for you.
Chloe: Then let it come.

Great. So my powers came with an extra dose of freak. That Chloe, always an overachiever!

Chloe: Has anyone ever told you you're a close talker?
Alek: Just you.
Chloe: It's not a compliment.

Valentina: Chloe, you're destined for greatness.
Chloe: Why does that sound like the worst thing that anyone has ever said to me?

Chloe: What if I don't want to be The Uniter?
Valentina: That's like wishing you didn't have blue eyes. Some things simply are.

Valentina: Nine lives to live...
Chloe: Nine lives to endure. It kind of sticks with ya.
Valentina: Nine lives to accomplish much, but each more complicated than the last and each death more painful than the one before.

Paul: You'll be fine, you just have to relax.
Chloe: Why is that the universal boy solution to pretty much everything?

Alek: You do seem a little...tense.
Chloe: Deranged psycho killer is still after me so, yeah, maybe a little.

Alek: You can't keep putting yourself at risk. It's stupid and irresponsible.
Chloe: Hey, I didn't exactly sign up for any of this. Maybe, if someone had told me that kissing humans would....I'm sorry, I didn't want to fight.