Betty: Are you sure this is the best way to deal with your feelings?
Christina: Well I did consider throwing a dart at the real thing, but she's so damn fast in those heels

Betty [about Wilhelmina's baby]: You're so good with him
Christina: Who knew? I thought my only maternal instinct was nursing a bottle of whiskey

Just don't forget about me when you're a big star and I'm still stuck here in this tailor's dungeon.

Wilhelmina: I might as well resign myself to never having a man around
Christina: I wouldn't do that.. cause uh.. you're having a boy
Wilhelmina: Really?
Christina: Yes, Wilhelmina, you're having a little baby boy

The sound of clinking ice cubes.. its like a Scottish lullaby

Wilhelmina: Let's grab a drink
Christina: I'm seven months pregnant with your child
Wilhelmina: Well you can watch. I'll drink for all three of us. Come on

Betty: I warned you that that place was too expensive didn't I? you just said you had to eat ramen
Christina: Which would have worked if Amanda wasn't eating all my ramen... and she denies it! She just says there's an old crazy man who lives inside my walls and comes out at night to eat my food. She calls him "Bad Ronald."

Christina: Is this real? Am I pinning an endangered species here?
Wilhelmina: If you really want to feel bad I have a hat made of bald eagle

Betty: Oh yay the sandwich guy!! I got too excited didn't I?
Christina: Yeah

Ten bucks says there's a coat in there made of dalmatian puppies

Christina [talking to herself in mirror]: Hello Mrs Matt Damon
Betty: Are you doing the Matt Damon thing again?
Christina: I'll give you a Bourne ultimatum

[after Christina open's Fey's safe]
Amanda: Ooh what's in there? I want money and jewelry.
Christina: It looks like her diary
Amanda: Eww, reading. What else is there?

Ugly Betty Quotes

I've had to say good-bye more times than I may have like, but everyone can say that. And no matter how many times we have to do it - even if it's for the greater good, it still stings. And although we will never forget what we've given up, we owe it to ourselves to keep moving forward. What we can't do is live our lives afraid of the next good-bye because chances are they are not going to stop. The trick is to recognize when a good-bye can be a good thing - when it's a chance to start again.


Wilhelmina: How's my baby?
Marc: I'm fine Willy. Oh Willy... you know how i get when you call me that. Oh, that baby. Gestating nicely I'm told though Christina is getting a little too comfortable at the spa. She requested a few extra days for her and her terminal Scotsman.
Wilhelmina: Make sure she's aware her contract with me specifically prohibits extra curricular womb activities.