Coop: Am I being traded in?
O'Hara: Not at all.

Cruz: You authorize these nurses?
Coop: Ah I'm not authorized to authorize unless I am and I didn't know.

Coop: Keep calm and carry on.
Jackie: Wow! Yes, exactly.
Coop: Saw it on a poster.

Did you sound even more Britishy just then?

Helipad? Hella yes!

Coop: We have the same favorite book.
Eddie: I hate to kill the vibe. But lots of people like The Kite Runner.

Coop: Dudeville, population three: booya!

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Thor: You get to stand there and look pretty.
Coop: I can do that.

Akalitus: Someone may be dying
Coop: The nurses will keep him alive until I get there. That's their job.

I'm like a shark, man. If I'm not moving, I'm dying.

Coop: It might comfort you to know what I have two moms.
John: Comfort me why?
Coop: Because you're married... to a guy.

Coop: You're right up her alley.
Eddie: Newsflash: I'm up a lot of girls' alleys.
Coop: Did that come out wrong?

Nurse Jackie Quotes

Don't ever say "ta-da." The only people that say "ta-da" are magicians or idiots.

Jackie Peyton

Percoset should never be crushed and chewed, unless you want it to hit your system like a bolt of lightening. Which is only a problem if you're afraid of lightening.

Jackie Peyton