Thank your boyfriend for me, Annie. I'm having a blast here.

Come to think of it maybe I will work with that sellout. At least she sees some sort of future with me.

You know you sure have a lot of opinions about how I should live my life for somebody who is just a friend.

I'm not afraid of taking risks. I'm just sick of them.

I'll just go to New Guinea alone...or with Nick.

Yea...that's exactly what I'm going thru. Cause my husband's cancer equals not having a social life.

Getting married isn't the important part. Being married is.

You want the three of us to go have some fun?

Ivy: I think it's kind of like a bad acid trip.
Harper: Kill me now.

Next time you fake me out like that I'm gonna let you drown. I'm gonna make you drown.

It's high school. It's way more boring now that I'm not smoking pot anymore.

Am I actually going to take the subway in LA or am I stoned?


I'm so sick of being sick.


Naomi: You stole me away from your roommate.
Jaime: At least that was based on something honest.