Jill: I thought you weren't worried about Hans.
Hank: I'm not, but I'm worried about you.

You'll end up where you're suppose to be, what matters is that you're taking the leap.

Jill: So what was it like to watch your little brother get married?
Hank: It was weird. To me he's still the kid who ate $.85 in nickels on a dare.

Who gets kicked out of Chess camp after one day? No, who gets kicked out of Chess Camp for fighting?

Your new business has no money.

Let's go fishing!

South America's about South America. I'm not running away, I'm running straight into my future.

So you just happened to send your resume to where Divya worked.

Not everyone gets to live their dream, shot even for a short time.

Divya: What are you doing?! Who Does that?!
Jill: I gave you first dibs.

Since he got out of prison he's been all about bible study.

Eddie R.

Hank left you in charge because he trusts you. Now trust yourself.

Royal Pains Quotes

Please be my friend, and let me be yours.


Julie Kingsley: (to her husband) Cut veggies, tea, and a Hank are no substitute for a hospital.
Hank: The Hank tried to tell him that.